Rumor: Wii Fit U debuted to less than 20k copies sold in US

It doesn't look like Wii Fit U had an real impact when it officially released at retail stores last month in the US.

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jessupj1619d ago


I'm a gamer that regually follows the lastest news, but even I have no idea about this release.

So if I had no idea, I can't imagine the typical soccer mum and hipster yoga girl it's aimed at would have any idea of it's existence.

I used to say the wii U would be fine, but now I'm no so sure.

Relientk771619d ago

I'm pretty sure they didn't advertise this game at all. I also had no clue about the game's release.

Chrischi19881618d ago

I am pretty sure it doesnt speak about digital sales and I bet, most people who would get Wii Fit U, already had Wii Fit for Wii and so had a balance board and if you had a balance board, you could get Wii Fit U digital version, for very few dollars.

sprinterboy1618d ago

Unfortunately for the wii u, soccer mums and hipster yoga girls are more than happy with there original wii fit and/or don't actually use it anymore. Not sure about the rest of the world but in the UK fitness gyms have reduced there memberships by a lot plus you don't have to sign up for a 12 month contract anymore just a rolling contract so there has been a spike in gym memberships again.

MultiConsoleGamer1619d ago

Not hard to believe but again it's a sourceless NeoGAF rumor. You should never trust anything you hear on the internet that doesn't have a verfiable source, especially if it's posted on a message board. I don't care about the so called "reputation" of the poster, that still means nothing without a source. E-rep is also crap.

SirNintend01619d ago

...They gave it away for free. That's why it's not a big seller.

mrbojingles1619d ago

Correction: There was a 30 day free trial for download that expired Jan 31st and only needed a $20 fit meter purchase to keep forever.

weekev151619d ago

Right so the question many fit meters have they sold? I know there is 1 in my house, game is pretty good for what it is.

DanielGearSolid1619d ago

Wii fit is a Christmas gift game... And they released it after Christmas... Bad idea lol

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The story is too old to be commented.