Today in History: February 13th, 1990- Batman Swooped Onto the Nintendo Entertainment System

Triverse writes, "
When this game hit the home console market, it represented many things- most importantly of which was that it was breaking the trend of "licensed crap" that had been plagueing systems at the time. Batman on the Nintendo Entertainment System was also quite a bit different than the movie it was based on, which probably lent to it succeeding where other licensed games failed."

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SirNintend01620d ago

Batman meets Ninja Gaiden!

darthv721619d ago

fun fact....Not long after this release, Sunsoft made a Mega Drive version in Japan. They wanted to release it in the US and of course there was a contractual agreement in place with Nintendo that prevented such a thing.

That was when Sunsoft and a few other companies sued nintendo to break that contract and ultimately release games on competing platforms.

i know this because i paid $90 for the import version (which was completely in english) from Die Hard games in So-Cal and then less than 6mos later (when Sunsoft won the lawsuit) the game got a cart casing change and released in the US for $49.99.

Inception1619d ago

The 1st Batman game that i played and the hardest too, besides The Adv. of Batman and Robin for Genesis.

KwietStorm1619d ago

And it ain't any easier today than it was yesterday.

Minute Man 7211619d ago

I remember playing this, damn it was hard. Robocop was hard also

3-4-51619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Robocop 3 was probably the hardest game I've ever played.

I think I used to have this batman game back in the day, or maybe a friend did. I still remember the music.

Minute Man 7211619d ago

Re-release this on XBL & PSN

Geekman1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I don't even think Nintendo themselves have released the VC of this. Unfortunately it'd take alot of work for it to end up there. The only way to play this game is to hunt down the cartridge and NES (Haha. No.) Or get the Wii modded to play NES games. (Which is what I did.)

triverse1618d ago

I used to think that this game, and many others like it, would never be re-released in any fashion due to the licensing nightmare involved. That was till I saw TMNT Re-Shelled from Ubi Soft. That game probably required more licensing than getting the rights to re-release this game would.

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