GH’s Top 10 Most Brutally Violent Video Games

Gamer Headlines writes: "As Valentine’s Day is upon us, taking a deep breath and drinking a glass of wine to reduce your stress of being alone on this day is important. However, if you have the thirst for blood and want to express your emotional state through virtual killing and slaughtering, we here at Gamer Headlines may have just the games for you. Be warned, as the following top 10 contains some of the most brutally violent video games that we have tried to play."

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GamingGod3581619d ago

I've actually played Gears of War .. Although it is pretty violent .. compared to the games in the list .. well .. (probably Saints Row should not be in the list, because of the humor .. still .. the alien anal probe thing .. gets me every time .. )

Thanks for sharing your opinion though .. grateful for your feedback ((:

Bob Dole1619d ago

Conan was pretty violent. Can't think of another game where intestines spew out of people when you cut them in half.

MisfitsInc1619d ago

you must've never killed a centaur in the God Of War games

Bob Dole1617d ago

Yeah but there weren't very many centaurs compared to how many guys you'd kill in Conan. Literally every other kill would result in someone being cut in half and intestines spewing everywhere.

Deep-throat1619d ago

They mentioned No More Heroes but not Ninja Gaiden 2 (at least the 360 ver)?

NG2 is bloody violent.

GamingGod3581619d ago

I was going to make a top 12, just because of Ninja Garden 2 ... but eventually settled with the other 11 .. and left it at top 10 + honorable mention ... still a great game tho ..