Ryse: Son of Rome Studio Head Speaks on Title's Development and Its Future

Mike Ybarra, Microsoft Studios Head and developer for Ryse: Son of Rome, sat down with us at myxboxlive recently to speak about the title's development. Mr. Ybarra spoke on the difficulties of developing a game for a new console as well as offering up a contest for a free copy of the game along with details on the upcoming dlc.

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lifeisgamesok1617d ago

"To date, Ryse is the most visually stunning game i have ever played"

Same thought

Bring Ryse 2!

mikeboccher1617d ago

I love Ryse. I can't wait, i was happy he answered all of my questions. He's a great person.

mhunterjr1617d ago

I do hope they bring on a Ryse 2. I fell for the reviews and skipped it, but later came to regret that. It was a flawed game, but it was solid, and it's a great foundation for a series.

christocolus1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

its kind of obvious. isnt it? going by cryteks comments late last year, tod pappy joining the team, and phil spencers comments regarding commitment to the ip, i think its safe to assume a sequel is already far into development. crytek kept talking about the sequel even before the launch of the xbx one. they talked about the planned inclusion of magic and dragons too.

I loved ryse... nice story, graphics and the gameplay was pretty cool... i hope Ms and crytek are able to realize the full potential of this ip with the sequel.

"There’s lots of other really incredible stuff happening that I unfortunately can’t talk about yet, but we’ll definitely share more in the near future.

my best part of the interview

Axios21616d ago

Ryse is selling better than KNACK at 750k so far

NeoTribe1616d ago

Lol knack... how about you compare it to a real game. Knack was trash, i would hope ryse can beat it.... how about killzone? Nope. Ryse sucked and everyone knew it, yet lets keep hyping it up so it dies an even worst death. Fact is crytek cant make a good game. They only know how to polish graphics. Wasnt even a realistic roman game, was trash that held your hand the whole time. Fact.

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Bigpappy1617d ago

I have already said all I have to say on Ryse. I am anticipating Ryse 2 and it will be a day 1 purchase. The co-op multi-player was a blast too by the way.

Hellsvacancy1617d ago

I'm sure you will see 5-6 more of these games

zeusky1616d ago

Ryse was a really fun game except there was a significant lack of decapitation. Hopefully they do something about this in Ryse 2.

AutoCad1616d ago

Ryse 2 with a deeper story and longer gamer will be insane.
cant wait to see what they come up with

Boody-Bandit1616d ago

Deeper story and longer game?
I want them to focus primarily on the game mechanics. Ryse already has a great story and I thought the length of the game was okay. I want the gameplay engine to evolve. It was WAY TOO SIMPLISTIC and needs more depth and precision timing. Give me that and I will be a happy gamer.

DOMination-1616d ago

Hoping for the sequel to be set in America. I can't relate to euro settings.

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