What’s The Appeal With Collector’s Editions?

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

’ll be honest here kids, I’ve never really bought into the whole purchasing/pre-ordering collector’s editions of video games. Sure, I understand why some people want them (some editions are dope) but I could never justify forking out $150 to purchase a video-game. Yes, there’s extra goodies that come with said product but I’d imagine you could find them on Ebay going for relatively cheap later on?

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Hugodastrevas1469d ago

Is the title a serious question? This is one of the best collector's edition ever!

levian1469d ago

I've honestly never been into collector's editions mostly because I actually prefer to NOT have the "figurine". I have nowhere to put it, it gets in the way and I could care less about it.

The things I prefer usually are metal game cases, game map and possibly an art book.

dumahim1469d ago

I like collector's editions, because I like collecting things. I always buy disc based version instead of downloading because I like having shelves full of games. Some of the neat things I can stick in the empty places on the shelves, but most of it stays in the box and goes in the closet.

rainslacker1469d ago

Well here's a serious flaw in his logic.

" Yes, there’s extra goodies that come with said product but I’d imagine you could find them on Ebay going for relatively cheap later on"

Yeah good luck with that. Many of those collector's edition goodies go for quite a bit as soon as a few weeks after the release of the game, particularly on ones with limited releases, or that have good quality instead of the crap pack ins that many companies use. In many cases, they go for more than the whole set when it originally released. For less popular games that no one cares about, you can probably find the whole collection set cheaper within a couple months.

Anyhow. The appeal of the collector's editions is that it's for people that collect things. Sometimes just because they collect video games. Because they like the extra stuff and get some satisfaction from it, or because they invest in it to make money later. If that stuff doesn't appeal to them, they can buy just the game on it's own. Collector's won't judge anyone who buys just the game, so I never understood why non-collector's judge those willing to spend their money to get a little bit more.

hankmoody1469d ago

The GTA IV Collector's edition was awesome. The safety deposit box alone was worth the $90 and I still use that thing.

Baka-akaB1469d ago

To be fair with the author , for a long time western games collectors were lackluster ... while some crazy bundles happened in japan

SaffronCurse1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Most CE are pointless. Only a small % of them are actual worth collecting. Since they usually make them in bulk and are actually not limited(Best example is Halo 4's "Limited" edition). SO I usually find them pretty cheap months after release.

-Foxtrot1469d ago

I just like them....but I think I have a serious problem.

It's like people who collect crappy trinkets, at the end of the day at least most of them will sell in the future for more then what I paid for them. Obviously ones like the Duke Nukem CE and those who have the RE6 CE might not turn a profit but you can't win them all.

I do have a problem though, I can't loft is full of them and my parents are getting ticked off I'm wasting money and space. I also collect steelbooks aswell and blu eay collectors god help me when my student loan finishes next year

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