Rumor: Wii U outsells Xbox 360 in January

The Wii U may have been outsold by the Xbox One and PS4 and January but it looks like it at least outsold the Xbox 360 in the US, something that the system hasn't done very often.

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MultiConsoleGamer1620d ago

The source of this rumor is a NeoGAF user named CreamSugar. If he has the actual data he should just come right out and say it. If he doesn't then you know something is up. All this hinting around and implying is only bait to drive up numbers, page views and hits.

So called "insiders" always dance around the subject and rarely deliever anything concrete.

Of course being a big fan of the Wii U I hope this is true.

mrbojingles1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

You must be new around NPD stuff, CreamSugar for the past few years has a near spotless track record of being right and pretty much every media outlet accepts the numbers he says because of that track record. He isn't some new guy, he's consistently right.

Also, he can't come right out and say it of course he'd lose his access to the NPD data as you're not suppose to leak it and share it with the public unless specifically condoned by the product makers. I.e. He clearly works somewhere and probably has something substantial to lose. Like I said, he isn't new.

MultiConsoleGamer1620d ago

"Near Spotless"

Oh I'm more than familiar with his work, and I'm more than a little tired of the scam.

He simply implies things, and then people assume he's 100% correct. The only media that supports him are the agenda sites. If he has the data, which he claims he does, then spill it. It's not that hard. We need more honesty and transparancy if we're to discuss this stuff without being pawns for one marketing team or the other.

So yeah, until I see hard numbers I don't trust anyone. I don't trust "top selling." I don't trust "Xbox family." Nothing.

Show me the real numbers or STFU.

admiralvic1620d ago

@ MultiConsoleGamer

"He simply implies things, and then people assume he's 100% correct. "

Yes, because rumor now includes things that people assume to be 100% correct now... People post their things because they have a track record, but even then this is still considered a rumor instead of news, meaning no one is assuming they're 100% correct.

" If he has the data, which he claims he does, then spill it. It's not that hard."

Spreading the data could get them in a LOT of hot water. It's like how you can get around things by being vague, but flat out stating something might result in someone looking for blood.

MultiConsoleGamer1620d ago

Spreading the data would get them in hot water.

That's the BS spin you always hear from the alleged "insiders."

That also calls into question their track records. If they never post actual hard data then there's no way of accurately judging their track records.

Again, show us the hard data or STFU. No one is going to track down a message board user for sharing data. We have data for other consoles and systems.

Oh, and one more thing to bust the "but he'll get in trouble" spin. Sharing NPD data, any of it, is against the rules of the service. If a user will get into "hot water" for sharing NPD data then why do we have the top 10? Why do we have Xbox One numbers? Why did NeoGAF post 360 numbers for almost three years straight and NOT post any PS3 numbers?

Yeah. You smart readers know what I'm talking about. Step up to my level, above all the fanboy noise and nonsense. Alleged "insiders" are all liars and scam artists. It's just more marketing.

Death1620d ago

NPD data is a paid service, they don't give it away. Publishing the data online infringes on NPD's ability to sell it which is why we don't see detailed information.

devwan1619d ago

@MCG "STFU" "Step up to my level"

No, just no. You can have an opinion and disagree, but you don't have to be rude and condescending with it.

NPD isn't public information, what you're asking for (demanding?) is not a right, it's something we enjoy if we see or something to speculate and calculate if not.

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aceitman1620d ago

now, wiiu does not beat the 360 in the usa at all in january, but, in january world wide it did beat the 360 in sales the whole month. look at the sales on vg charts while it is not to the point . it sure does give us a figure on the numbers to go by untill official numbers come in and they are around the ball park with there numbers.

blackstrr4111619d ago

Lmao. It is good to be outselling a last gen console. My prayers are with nintendo. I thot they said they could compete with ps4xboxOne lmao

chuckyj11619d ago

So what? WiiU beat a what 8 year old system after it's successor has already been released... Is this really that note worthy for a news story?