Dying Light Celebrates Valentines Day Zombie Style.

Dying Light is getting into the spirit of Valentines Day with some great images of how to celebrate during the Zombie Apocalypse.

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press-start1618d ago

i cant wait for this i loved dead island especially when played with mates,so this should be a fun experience as well i hope looked good from trailers i have seen

Garethvk1618d ago

I got to play two scenarios at PAX Prime last Sep and it showed alot of promise. It was fast paced, gave players plenty of options, and was brutal as hell in combat. I hope the final game is as good as the small bit we saw.

Crazay1617d ago

MY issue with Dead Island is that I got bored to tears because it felt too much like a chore very quickly.

Deividas1618d ago

One thing Techland can really do is marketing, with the trailers for Dead Island, Dying light and then this, they are good. The games itself kind of bleh though. Love the idea of dead Island, it just had way too many issues, with story, gameplay mechanics, repetition etc.

I really hope this comes out good but I will no way spend $60 on it unless I hear amazing things from it. But from everything I have seen...Animation, artstyle, even the tactics for killing the bigger zombies are identical to Dead Island.

Garethvk1617d ago

I think there would be so amazing coss-promotion for DLC if they called up Pop Cap and brought in Plants Vs.Zombies.

Imagine planting Sunflowers and or Pea Shooters on the island.

Garethvk1618d ago

That is my biggest concern as Dead Island looked like alot of fun when we played it before launch at San Diego Comic Con. The final game was not as good as the promise that early gameplay showed. I have played a small sample of Dying Light and loved what I saw but I did wonder how well that type of play would hold up for mission after mission.