Strider Remake Releases Early & Free!

In what can only be described as an error on Microsoft’s part, Capcom’s remake of the classic action side-scroller has been released early and free! That’s right, if you can find it in the labyrinthine Xbox One Marketplace or someone on your Friend List has it, you can install Strider free of charge.

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lodossrage1469d ago

If I had an XB1, I'd hop on this glitch real fast.

Snookies121469d ago

Same here man, same here.

LAWSON721469d ago

Yet we PC gamers get hate for piracy meanwhile you guys will eat up a glitch that gives you a free game that is not meant to be.

...makes perfect sense

Palitera1469d ago

You're not really trying to say piracy is more usual on consoles than on PC, are you?

lodossrage1469d ago

There's a big difference between this and piracy.

Piracy is someone literally stealing a game by methods normally shunned upon.

THIS is a game being given away free due to the negligence of microsoft or capcom.

It's not the customer that's at fault for THEIR mistake.

Allsystemgamer1469d ago


So. If a gamestop employee leaves the store unlocked on a break and someone takes games that's ok because of their negligence?

lodossrage1469d ago


Where do you see me say it's "ok"?

All I said is that there is a difference here. You can't compare piracy to negligence.

And as for your example, would it be ok?, hell no. BUT guess who gets to be the fall guy for that, the employee. Hence the part about what I said about the negligent party being at fault

Allsystemgamer1469d ago

The fall guy is the employee yes but the people stealing the games would be persecuted aswell.

H0RSE1468d ago


"Piracy is someone literally stealing a game by methods normally shunned upon."

- Except piracy is literally NOT stealing...

Stealing (theft) involves taking the property/possession of another, without permission or right, and making it your own.

Piracy is the duplication of software, and although people may not have the right to do so, nothing is being stolen - the original remains intact. It's like if I stole your car, but you still had your car.

Something that both this mistake and piracy do share, is that someone is losing out on money they otherwise shouldn't be, and that's really all that matters.

- If you acquire the game thought this loophole, you are getting it for free, where there should be a fee.

- If you pirate a game, you are getting it for free, where there should be a fee.

You can grasp at straws all day trying to differentiate the two, but ultimately is just like trying to say that one is purple and the other is blue mixed with red.

darthv721468d ago

Hmm...a buddy of mine on facebook sent me a pic of him downloading it. I thought he was talking about a demo but DAMN...and here i am without an XB1 to jump in.

Gorilla_Killa_X1468d ago

@lodossrage. If the gamestop employee leaves the store unlocked and leaves a sign that says games are free then yeah, it is ok. Otherwise it is stealing because games are marked with a price. If Microsoft accidentally releases a game on marketplace for free same thing.

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admiralvic1468d ago

I would actually avoid it if I were you. M$ has a long history of banning people who exploit glitches like this or getting games for free from other regions http://www.xboxachievements... .

It might not happen, but I wouldn't risk getting banned to save $15 dollars.

Legacy2121469d ago

I dont see it anywhere on the store

Crazay1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

They LIE!


Ok They didn't lie....It;s there and I have it now.

4logpc1469d ago

Its not on the store.

Revolt131469d ago

search the Friends gamertag

then compare games, find strider, hit "play game"
it will send you to the game and install it, free,

downloading now :)

Revolt131469d ago

Haha, thanks, you're welcome! ;)

OpieWinston1469d ago

Thank you soo much.... I'm praying to god I don't get banned for this.

I think of it as my "X1 Games with Gold game".

Revolt131469d ago

Me tooo, I'm worried about the ban :(

DEEBO1468d ago

you are the man! bubbles 4 u

4logpc1469d ago

Yea it worked. Hopefully I dont get banned

LAWSON721469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I doubt you will get banned this MS fault not yours. Why should a consumer be punished for the service providers mistake? Odds are they will be paying Capcom for the damages or correcting the mistake, which is probably not to difficult on such a closed platform. If anything the worse they do is take away something you did not pay for.

4logpc1469d ago

I'm an Xbox fan. But they ban people for dumb stuff sometimes.

Hicken1468d ago

Because it's Microsoft, that's why. They've done it before, and they'll do it again.

Why shouldn't they? Their fanbase doesn't stand up to them about crap like that, so they'll do as much as they can get away with.

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