Hideo Kojima Already Imagined Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes When He Made the First Metal Gear

Legendary Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima is in a reminiscing mood today, and he explained how he already had clear in his mind the design of the upcoming game when he created the first Metal Gear on the MSX2

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KingKelloggTheWH1499d ago

Didn't he say this would contradict previous stuff though and that we should look past the discrepancies? Wouldn't that imply he had not thought of it?

Abriael1499d ago

He's talking about gameplay.

-Foxtrot1499d ago

The fact that he said that despite creating a complex story to begin with is alarming. I mean what you do in those situations when you think you'll end up contradicting stuff in your first game is usually to create a story which DOESN'T have inconsistencies....if you do then it's bad story telling in my opinion

To be honest he shouldn't of done another prequel if that's the case. He should of pushed the story forward or rebooted it.

Plasticgearsolid1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

No inconsistencies isn't bad story telling. He only had an option to do a prequel, Solid snake trilogy is over. So he went to finish the story in between 3 and 1.

Reboots are for bad games like Sonic

You clearly have no knowledge of metal gear

LAWSON721499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

That would be a terrible move to reboot the story. For one that just sounds stupid and he would be better off creating just a new IP, all he would do is upset fans, which are the main people who buy MGS games. As plasticgear said Solid Snake is done and from what I have seen the future is not really a place for someone like Snake so he could not really do a proper sequel that played like a MGS game, his only option is doing more coverage of the events between MGS 3 and 1. I really hope MGSV is the end and wraps up everything nicely.

porkChop1498d ago

Gonna have to agree. I loved all the MG games, but inconsistencies in stories is a pet peeve of mine. Annoys me to no end.

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OrangePowerz1499d ago

Did he imagine selling a demo for 30-40 bucks at that point as well?

Abriael1499d ago

Considering that at the time almost all games were very short from start to finish he probably wasn't imagining it as a very long game.

But probably you're too young to remember.

OrangePowerz1499d ago

That's a bit uncalled for :)

I played all the MGS ges including the original MG games (not including Snakes Revenge) and I'm a huge fan of series including getting even a few MGS tattoos.

The games where not that long at that time, but they contained a full story rather than just the prologue to the actual game.

Plasticgearsolid1499d ago

If you dont like it dont buy it. The finished the game in under 2hrs with 9% of the entire game completed they blew threw that main points of the game for previews sake. If you play games like that then I feel sorry for you

-Foxtrot1499d ago

Yes because a few people on twitter who got a nice all expensives paid trip to a lovely Hot springs town by Konami are so reliable.

They were brought there with the sole purpose of sorting that out. The people who talked about the percentage said roughly the same thing. It's like the first thing they were most likely told to say "Hey guys, remember to talk about the length please, try to gloss it over, these guys will listen to you, not us".

It slipped out by accident, we learnt the truth now they are trying to do damage control to fix it.

But thats not even the point, the fact is we shouldn't be paying for stuff which should of been in the main game. It's cut content

"If you dont like it dont buy it"

Maybe people actually give a crap about what could happen in the future because of peoples actions to this. Remember DLC how people were like "Ahhhh don't worry maybe this is good for us" look whats happened, developers have took the p*** over the years.

If this wasn't Metal Gear Solid or if Kojima wasn't involved people would be all over this.

If you believe them after all that then I feel sorry for you.

Plasticgearsolid1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

@Foxtrot You dont even know what you are talking about anymore. Cut content?, you haven't even played phantom pain. You know nothing of the state of the game industry and just talk about shit you dont understand that pissed you off.
I feel sorry for you that you'll be missing out on ground zeroes

BTW i love how you have lost a few bubbles lately

OrangePowerz1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

They finished the main story in under 2 hours and didn't do the side missions. By the looks of it they had plenty of hands on time without the need to rush through it.

Konami is milking as much money as they can and I personally won't support that. They should offer 50% off of Phantom Pain for people who buy GZ instead of charging 30-40 bucks for a demo and later 60 bucks again for the rest of the game. It's like if they would have charged money for the tanker level in MGS2 or The Virtuous Mission in MGS3. I don't see why people should support this, it's just as bad as microtransactions or bad overpriced DLC.

That coul set a nad example to other games who might do the same if it is successful.

-Foxtrot1498d ago


Course I do, if the Tanker missions in MGS2 was a prolouge to the main game and was included IN the game then the same applies here

I think I know more then you because you seen to be the guy who puts his head in the sand and pretend like nothing bad is happening.

I feel sorry for you that you such a blind person who probably gets take advantage of in life.

I mean I'm arguing here to a guy with "gear solid" in his name so obvious as a die hard MGS fan you don't wan to here the truth, that your precious Kojima has a hit a new low doing shaddy practices like this.

"BTW i love how you have lost a few bubbles lately", I haven't lost any, I've always had 7

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Plasticgearsolid1499d ago

Well Im pretty sure he said he also had peace walker in mind so it makes some sense

Iltapalanyymi1499d ago

Man Kojima-san is such a beast!! Have you already sold your soul to Kojima? I have. I would buy anything as long as it is made by him. Cant wait for MGS:V!!

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