PS4 Leads The Sales For Almost Every EA Title; Peter Moore Gets Trolled Over TitanFall On Twitter

GearNuke: "PlayStation 4 not only nearly outsold the Xbox One 2:1 in hardware sales, it was also strong on the software front, according to January NPD.

Electronic Arts have released games on a variety of platforms, among them, PS4 took the lead in term of units sold on the platform for games like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25."

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XiSasukeUchiha1616d ago

Damn even EA after the BF4 Dlc deal still got that PS4 Domination!

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ThunderSpark1616d ago

EA is definitely feeling stupid right about now.. lol.

Bathyj1616d ago

Surely in hindsight they must be thinking the Titanfall deal was a bad business decision, unless the up front payoff was so huge, they dont even really need to worry about sales numbers to make money, kind of like the GTA4 DLC.

Still, even if thats the case, being on PS4 would have helped cement it as a power franchise for the whole generation. It will likely be anyway, but more platforms would have helped its cause.

hellzsupernova1616d ago

The second part of your comment is the major here for EA. They have been calling out call of duty all this time and finally have a game that could beat call of duty then they take it away from the only console that would give them the numbers to beat call of duty. Stupid buisness call regardless. These numbers guarantee as equal or definitive edition on ps4

OsirisBlack1616d ago

The only problem with this is that launching "Exclusive" Generally makes people think of that system first when they think of that game. Its odd but most people are likely to buy Mass Effect on X box systems while Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are still generally associated with Sony... unless you are as old as I am and mad at Nintendo who had Square shored up first.

miyamoto1616d ago

Hmn....Mass Effect comes to mind...

T21616d ago

It's not really that great of a deal for ms either in my view. It's kind of desperation to pay for third party titles and hope for console sales. And it's not even working as of now. MS can pray that titanfall moves consoles but if it doesn't and lots of em, that's alot of money just burned

medman1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

If Mass Effect didn't turn out to be a powerhouse on PS3, Titanfall won't on ps4. Especially considering how many of Sony's first party devs will have hit the system with their exclusives by the time Titanfall 2 is ready for the limelight. By that point, the market will be saturated with many great games for ps4. Titanfall 2 will be an afterthought, especially without getting that foot in the door early on on Sony's machine when it could have gained some mindshare with little else available for direct competition at the moment.

jmac531616d ago

Most everyone in the industry (including EA) thought the next Xbox was going to crush it until they actually announced the thing. EA was probably like sure we will take your money and we will have an exclusive on the lead console. Bad business decisions happen.

KwietStorm1616d ago

EA never thinks anything is a bad business decision.

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flyingmunky1616d ago

If these sales trends continue MS is going to have to pay a lot more for even their exclusive dlc deals.

medman1616d ago

I smell xbox live gold price increase. They always soak the sheepish customers when the sh#t hits the fan.

HappyWithOneBubble1616d ago

Yep MS is wasting millions away on timed DLC instead of real full exclusive games. Gamers want games not timed DLC. PS4 is the better console and people have spoken with their dollars

deviouslight1616d ago

Watch all the spin articles come out for xbox in the next week about npd.

Rimeskeem1616d ago

And yet EA will not put Titanfall on PS4.

(sry did not want to scroll down)

die_fiend1615d ago

Titanfall doesn't look that exciting. Destiny will eclipse it. Especially on the graphics front. You'll see that Xbone exclusives look worse than ps4 multiplats

Sleepless1616d ago

Who cares about Titanfall? Its another generic FPS!….and we got PCs!

alexkoepp1616d ago

Buy titanfall, supporting Microsoft, no way around it. And titanfall is beast, slaughtering The Order and Infamous combined on N4G!

PraxxtorCruel1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Exactly why I didn't get a PS4 at launch because all the games available on the PS4 have been available for a long time on PC. So for anyone that PC games, the PS4 wasn't an ideal launch console at all.

ITPython1616d ago

lol, noticed from the article that Titanfall on the 360 is being released a couple weeks after the XB1 release. Coincidence?

MS really wants people think it is an XB1 only game, don't they? Sure seems to me that they delayed its release on the 360 intentionally. That is just SAD. To say MS is grasping for straws in terms of XB1 sales, would be an understatement.

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Beastforlifenoob1616d ago

Wait what i thought it was the wii u

Magicite1616d ago

atm total worldwide weekly sales for PS4 are twice as of X1, while also PS3 sells almost double the X360.
EA is missing out a lot by not releasing any game on playstation.

TwistedMetal1616d ago

if you want a huge multiplayer experience its best to go with the ps4 because more people play on that system online. ps4 the online console of this new gen.

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GTgamer1616d ago

I love Peter Moore response you can't be better than number one I wonder if he said that when EA was awarded as the number #1 worst Company :/.

colonel1791616d ago

Maybe he was actually referring to that. I mean, they can't get higher than #1.

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DevilishSix1616d ago

Nice Burn GT, bubble up for you, brah.

SliceOfTruth8881616d ago

ROFL at the people who dont realize the reason PS4 EA titles sold more was because PS4's first party launch titles stunk compared to dead rising 3, KI, Forza, powerstar golf, Ryse....i own PS4 and Xbone and bought all EA games on PS4 and bought all first party on Xbone

Qrphe1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

You're right on the dot, gr8 b8 m8 :^)

Couldnt agree more ;)

@all below

Obvious troll, trying to debate with him is futile

SilentNegotiator1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I guess that's why Killzone:SF is the highest selling 8th gen exclusive as well...the games on Ps4 are just sooooo terrible, that they're selling better than games on the Xbox One.

That seems like sound reasoning. Both the multiplats and exclusives are doing better because they just SUCK SO MUCH.

PraxxtorCruel1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@ Silent

Of course Killzone sold better because it was the only 'decent' retail disk exclusive. Everyone was jumping on the PS4 bandwagon simply because it is more powerful and cheaper. Think about it, what game where all these jumpers gonna buy? Knack? Did you also know that Killzone is the most traded in next gen game too. Gamers had a very poor choice, it was either Knack or Killzone.

MRMagoo1231616d ago


Odd that kill zone was the only game to get because I have 7 disc games sitting right next to my ps4 and they all work in the ps4. I really don't think I got 7 copies of kill zone

SilentNegotiator1616d ago

So did the exclusives sell really well because games were few or did the multiplats sell well because there were no exclusives?

Which is it?

Try harder.

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2pacalypsenow1616d ago

yeeah cuz ryse forza 5 and Dead rising all sold 3 million + right?

Syntax-Error1615d ago

KZ didnt sell sh*t so what are you talking about? It underperformed and it was the only good game on PS4. That's the tragedy. They sold over 4 million PS4's and Killzone couldnt break a million. That is what I call A FLOP!!!!

2pacalypsenow1615d ago

killzone sold over a million buddy

GhostTurtle1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

That might be the worst reason of the year so far.

JustPlay41616d ago

If you like x1 so much why did you buy more ps4 games and what about the Indies and f2p games didn't like those ether

My op: x1 exclusives are 3rd party you listed and there all average

Chevalier1616d ago


You know what's even funnier? That Xbox One got outsold by almost double and PS4 hasn't seen any really good games out. Hilarious, just imagine what happens when Sony decides to release games?! Mind boggling right?

Also your saying that Sony games stink then you mention the Forza, Powerstar Golf and Ryse?! Yeah I'd rather stick to PS3 exclusives like The Last of Us, Beyond then to settle for launch Next Gen titles.

If your suggesting that EA games only sold well because of lack of games then have you looked at the 360 releases the last 3 years? Yeah if I went from almost no exclusives on 360 then got an Xbox One it would look like paradise wouldn't it? Guess that's why Xbox One games sold so well. See anyone can spin anything and make it sound reasonable. How about you show some numbers that back your statement?

Condemnedman1616d ago

I'd rather play Xbox 360 games than the new killzone, come on its pretty but boring. we are a few months into a generation and your using sales figures? how desperate are you guys claiming victory already lol stop being sad and enjoy gaming not destroy it.

Stedron1616d ago

Well you would need a PS4 to play killzone. So looks like you don't have a choice but to play 360 games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1616d ago

The "I own both consoles" guy.

Ever notice the overall tone these people's comments tend to take?

FragMnTagM1616d ago

What is wrong with owning both and having a preference? I own both and prefer the XBOX One so far.

This will likely go back and forth throughout the generation as good games release on both sides.

Right now, for me, I prefer the games available on the One at the moment.

Resogun, Warframe, Outlast, and such are decent, but I prefer Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Forza 5.

Crazy isn't it? Someone prefers something you don't?

Hell I haven't played either of them in a few days as I have been playing on my computer and my phone at work.

Gamers can stick to one company and only one, or there are gamers that have a love for gaming in general (like me) and gets games on nearly all platforms.

PSN: FragMnTagM
XBOX: FragMnTagM
Steam: FragMnTagM
Origin: FragnTag

Outside_ofthe_Box1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having both consoles and having a preference. In fact, that's actually the point I'm trying to make. It's perfectly okay to have a favorite even though you have both. That's makes you a human being and is totally natural and expected. What I meant with my initial comment was that I don't see the point of someone bringing up the fact that they own both as if to say they aren't biased when it is clear that they do favor one over the other.

Condemnedman1616d ago

so you can't own both consoles? and because they enjoy one over the other which you don't own they are wrong?

your tone is the one that wrong

Outside_ofthe_Box1616d ago


Do you lack reading comprehension? Or are you just trying to troll?

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Commodore_1616d ago

So you have an Xbox One, Ps4, all the EA games, and all the first party Microsoft games? Talk about money to blow. It's possible you have all this, but you're a troll so I doubt it lmao

GraveLord1616d ago

Is that why PS4 outsold Xbox One 2:1?

T21616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@slice - ahhh I see your combined 5 titles that you mentioned on X1 with an average review score of what? like 6or7 or so? that's what everyone rushed out to buy "powerstar golf?" LOL ... you know ps4 is probably getting singstar too right? maybe just maybe it can compete with powerstar golf !!! lol

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Batnut001616d ago

They said the partnership with Microsoft over TF exclusivity was due to sales forecast...I would have really liked to see that Forecast.

Megaton1616d ago

It was due to a moneyhat forecast. A moneyhat storm so sudden, that Respawn didn't even know about it until it had left.

stuna11616d ago

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs! Lol.

HaveAsandwich1616d ago

the book is far better. top 3 kids books ever written. takes third place behind "where the wild things are", and everywhere that clifford the big red dog ever went. just saying.

SilentNegotiator1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

"the book is far better"

The one is a simple, short book with some great illustrations and the other is a feature-length movie with fleshed out characters that is based on the book's simple premise. Directly comparing them with one of them being "far better" seems rather silly.

The movie may not have illustrations like these:

...but then the book doesn't have anything comparable to this:

On a semi-related note: The second movie was funny, but I was really disappointed that it didn't have half of the heart that the first had.

jessupj1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Really? Very interesting indeed.

Whoever that forcaster is needs to be fired.

In what universe could MS, a company with the worst PR I have ever seen for all the months after the reveal, leading up to release and even to this day. A company that tried to destroy console gaming with their DRM. A company that released a significantly less powerful and more expensive console...

In what universe could that console sell more than the PS4?

Even the most rabid MS fanboy knew the PS4 was going to outsell the xbone right out of the gate, we just didn't know it was going to be this much.

I suspect EA will be releasing Titanfall Mega Ultra Sigma Edition for the PS4 in a few months lol. At least they'll try if there's a loophole in the contract that allows it.

Batnut001616d ago

Vince did say that the next installment of Titanfall does have the chance of coming to Playstation. It's just this one game that is locked behind exclusivity for life and I seriously doubt EA would not jump at the chance for the sequel to go Multiplat, if they seriously want COD sales than this would be the way to go.

lsujester1616d ago

This is EA we're talking about. I'm willing to bet that the reason they backed MS so hard from the start was because they knew of the DRM. Those kind of Draconian measures are something EA would eat right up.

badz1491616d ago


"Whoever that forcaster is needs to be fired."

Wedbush Morgan hasn't fire Michael "Wrong-All-The-Time" Pachter yet after all the wrong predictions and all the super obvious statement, right? so maybe that forecaster will still keep his job and says,

"Hey, Pachter does it all the time, why can't I?"

ITPython1616d ago

Sales forecast brought to you by: Microsoft.

Perhaps they should have read the fine print.

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