Elder Scrolls Online Beta Raises Questions & Concerns

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Another weekend rolled around, another Elder Scrolls Online Beta weekend that is, and I have still yet to be convinced. My second weekend within the beta left me with more unanswered questions, mostly surrounding to whom I could, if I wanted to, recommend the game. The Beta weekends have left me with hugely differing opinions on the content of the game, but my concerns about the subscription model and its target audience have remained the same.

The actual game (at least what I have played in the Beta) is fine. It’s exactly what you would expect from a modern Elder Scrolls game: large open areas, a natural living world, quest lines full of lore. It’s all there, just with a slightly MMO-like twist–and that’s where the concerns begin.''

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LAWSON721561d ago

My concern is the bow suck and feels clunky and unresponsive, which does not sound very appealing to pay $60 and then pay monthly to use. I hope you MMO fans like this because you will be paying quite a bit, but it seems like every MMO I have played have just awful gameplay mechanics, maybe the genre is just not for me.

joab7771561d ago

Believe me, mmo players r used to paying alot to play any mmo, whether its sub based or f2p, or even just an initial $60. And yes, I assume much of the beta to be solo content. How far can you get in a couple days?

Its the endgame content that matters. Once u level cap and move on. This is the material that will justify the sub price...or not. I am just happy at the good things that ppl are writing. And I have read that it is a solo experience for awhile to get ppl adjusted, as they are attempting to bring elder scrolls fans into the mmo genre. As I said, it depends upon end game content...this is what will make it more than a Skyrim sequel.

star1291561d ago

If the game does not have native controller support then it is not a modern ES game and I am sick of the fact that online game in most general does not have native support for controllers. Segregating player who cannot due to fine motoric abilities and such to be left out the online world.

Percy1561d ago

How would a game coming out for consoles not have native controller support?

star1291561d ago

I meent of course _ESO for PC not console.

H0RSE1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

In a lot of cases, controller support just isn't practical. A lot of MMO's have tons of options for the player, and take full advantage of the point and click nature of the mouse, and the tons of buttons keyboards have.

In this sense, if you were to offer controller support in an environment like this, you'd, likely need to design an entirely separate UI just for controllers, and even then, they would likely be so unintuitive, it wouldn't be worth the effort.

Azmatik1561d ago

@Horse you says those things like they are difficult FF14 has mouse keyboard and controller support on ps3 & pc you can actually instant change the UI back and forth when you plug a mouse or use controller

H0RSE1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

You point out one game and suddenly my whole point is debunked... try harder.

For your logic to make sense, the game would have to be designed with both PC and consoles in mind, meaning compromises could need to be made that could impact game design. Ex: D3 lends itself well to controllers - the game's mechanics lend itself well to controllers. Diablo 2 - not so much.

Take a game like WoW or EQ, and enlighten me how simple it would be to design a UI that makes using a controller as intuitive as m/kb. My argument is not that it isn't possible, but rather that the end result(s) could easily be lackluster. Yes, you can use a controller for FFXIV, but in doing so, you lose a lot of the functionality the m/kb allows. I'm talking about designing a system that works well, not just works.

That being said, FFXIV's UI/interface isn't that "robust" compared to many other MMO's.

Volkama1561d ago

@Horse it's actually pretty easy to map a typical hotkey style MMORPG onto a controller. You can get any WoW class on it very effectively, and I suspect the mod community could sort the menus out in a matter of hours. The obvious exception being communication, which is the big challenge where console MMORPGs are concerned.

The only difficulty in controlling WoW in particular is that there are no options to control the speed of camera turning with keystrokes (sticks), which throws the whole thing out but that's not really a challenge.

TESO is very easy to fit to a controller, and ofc being designed with consoles in mind. The control scheme wouldn't even intimidate the casual crowd.

The beta version doesn't have controller support, but it's highly likely it will be there before launch.

H0RSE1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )


You are speaking about core class functionality, which is hardly all there is to an MMO interface. When I played Wow, I had dozens of icons onscreen at any given time, and that's not even counting my class skills. Then you get into other actions like targets and targets targets, and selecting party members to heal/assist, and pets and macros, etc. and many times you are activating skills/items while doing those other actions.

As I stated, a controller can work, but will have to give up functionality that the m/kb provides, unless the game is designed with console in mind from the start. For those looking for a "good enough" formula to use controllers, I suppose that is fine, but for those looking to retain the functionality/versatility a m/kb setup gives, in the comfort of a controller, this simply will not do.

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jessupj1561d ago

I'm intrigued, but I'll be waiting for it to go F2P and I think most people fit into my category.

It's almost a vicious cycle because the fact that a lot of people will be waiting for it to go F2P, it will make the decision to go F2P that much faster because of the lower user base.

But if it never goes F2P I'll be perfectly fine to skip this game, unless it turns out to be awesome. From the looks of it though it's only looking to be just above average.

For most people to shell out $15 a month on a single game, it has to be bloody dam awesome.

kingdom181561d ago

One point. Didn't people say the same thing about FFXIV ARR? But right now the game is doing great, it was actually profitable for SE and they are making money off of it, making their situation look more positive. But I also have to say, do people except to play this game every month of the year? Wouldn't you put it on the shelf after a little while and play other games for a few months? Its not like you have to pay for every month, if you don't want to. No one's given me a straight answer on this before. I mean I liked the beta, when it comes to the PS4 I'll play the first month free, and then maybe play for another month for a sub, if I don't have other things I'm interested in.

rdgneoz31561d ago

ARR might be doing good, but the original FFXIV was a disaster. It also uses the same servers for PC, PS3, and eventually PS4 players. ESO is going to have seperate servers for PC, xbone, and PS4 players, because xbone doesn't want intermingling (ARR already shows PS players and PC players can play together).

The PC players will probably stick around, but console players after the initial rush will probably dwindle a bit and they'll have to merge servers like DCUO had to.

And seeing how many initial reports are that it is in the ES world, but doesn't feel like a ES game, how long do you think console players will be sticking around for? Not to mention putting the 10th race behind a collector's edition paywall or having the ability to use any race with any faction behind a preorder (some people are still on the fence or want to wait and see how it does before buying).

Xristo1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Found a pretty good video on the first three (lvl 15ish) dungeons. The group dungeon system using the holy trinity doesn't look so bad!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead (first three dungeon bosses shown)!

H0RSE1561d ago

I've played the beta, and the game itself is fine - it has what you'd expect from an MMO. However, one big thing that stood out to me was that it didn't feel like I was playing an ES MMO. Everything's there - the races, the locales, the lore, etc. but it felt like I was playing a different game set in the ES universe, rather than playing an ES game.

I don't know if it's the art direction or aesthetic or what, but it just felt "off." It didn't engage me like the single player ES games did. an example I keep wanting to use is like the difference between watching a movie and watching a TV show based on that movie. It's not that one's cheaper than the other, just that they are different, and you can tell.

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