PS4 passes Wii U's life to date sales in the US

It looks like the PS4 passed the Wii U's entire life time to date sales in the US last month based on emerging data.

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Relientk771614d ago

Nice, very well deserved.

PS4 is awesome

rambi801614d ago

next up: Japan

should take 2 months or so

mrbojingles1613d ago

Lol, VGChartz. I'd take NPD leaks over VG any day of the week. They typically aim too high anyway, always off by a few hundred thousand units and always hiding behind the term "shipped" to make their numbers look less bad.

Xof1614d ago

How is it well deserved?

The PS4 doesn't have any good exclusive games yet, the WiiU does. The PS4 doesn't have any form of backwards compatibility, the WiiU does.

From where I stand, the PS4's sales are purely a product of hype and very much undeserved.

Sly-Lupin1614d ago


PS4 is basically selling on the promise of future games coupled with reactionary purchases by gamers who hope that by supporting Sony's slightly less anti-consumer policies they will be able to waylay or otherwise defend against Microsoft's more extreme anti-consumer policies.

Shad0wRunner1614d ago

So, by that think the PS4 has to develop an entire game library BEFORE it sells this well?

Your statement is opinionated and subjective. The PS4 hardware ALONE, is leaps and bounds better than the Wii U, and this is supported by FACTUAL information. The PS4 has only been out for...3 months. It hasnt had time to build up a whole lot of exclusives, while the Wii U has had over a year lead on the PS4 and XBox One...and in that time, we havent seen much on the Wii U. Mario, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros, has not and will not be enough to move the ammount of Wii U units it would take, to surpass the PS4 in hardware sales. Again, this is FACTUAL information. Not debatable or subjective to opinion.

Your post went opinion, when you stated that the PS4 has no good exclusives....when Killzone, Knack, Resogun, Contrast, Warframe and Blacklight were ALL fairly decent exclusives. KZ and Resogun even got high praise. Not bad, for being launch titles.

So again, what's the Wii U's excuse for selling so poorly? o_O

Mastadope421613d ago

You only care about exclusives because Nintendo consoles only get bare minimum AAA third party support. This is a Nintendo mindset that has become of this fanbase for this console well the most recent BIG N consoles of the last 20 years. Sorry "pal" but it ain't the 90's anymore and Nintendo and Mario are not as relevant as you think. Bah!!! xD at this -> "From where I stand, the PS4's sales are purely a product of hype and very much undeserved." Well what a "great" >.> opinion but I disagree sir....Oh and it totally fair and deserved, for Sony accomplishing this feat....Wii was a fluke....360 converted alot of gamers from the PS2 era....Now the PS4 is gaining all that lost market share back. And after putting up with all the PS3 hate <.< which the Xbot's and Nintendrones DID DO ALL THE TIME, EVERY CHANCE THEY GOT. Well I'll just say it's nice to be on the winning side, winning the $ALE$ WAR...So just like Nintendo, get your head out of the sand and ADAPT OR GTFO!!!

Hicken1613d ago

The PS4's library is better than the Wii U's was at the same point.

And while backwards compatibility is nice, it's also telling that the Wii U will be missing out on CURRENT compatibility. That is: multiplats in droves.

The PS4 is a more versatile system. Say what you want, but there's no way in hell off-screen play on the Wii U trumps remote play on PS4. Sorry, but that's just not happening.

Overall, the PS4 is a better designed console with far more promise. Nobody looking at things realistically expects all that promise to be met three months after launch. Meanwhile, the Wii U has already hit some sort of stagnation after its first year. Hell, how long did it take for that library you praise to show up?

Nintendo failed to hold the casuals, and failed to recapture the core with both hardware and games. Maybe you like the games on the Wii U better, and that's fine. But the industry doesn't run on you; it runs on a diverse crowd of people, and Nintendo's failed to give that crowd reasons to buy their console, while Sony- and Microsoft, as well, to an extent- has not.

BoneBone1613d ago

OMG, you just made too much sense. Behold, your punishment is to be down voted. Not many people around here with the backbone to not give a damn about negative bubble votes. You da man!

Chrischi19881613d ago

No, the PS4 does not have a better library by the same time, as Wii U did. Wii U had a CoD, Wii U had a Zombie Survival Game, it had Jump and Runs, it had Fighting Games, it offered a wider library from the very start, check the release lineups, before disagreeing.

Then, PS4 sells purely on hype and hope for more and better future games, power is a difference to Wii U, sure, but unlike most make it seem, it is not the reason for PS4s sales. Xbox sells less, after MS revealed their DRM crap, sp many moved away from MS, even after taking it back, because MS already showed their true face to the consumer. You all act like power is a determining factor, even though it was never and will never be on consoles, as long as it is possible to run the same games on it. And it is possible, because most new games also come to old gen, 7 ear old hardware and games that cannot run on it, still can run on Wii U, that is a fact, which most gamers on this board try to deny, even though consoles pretty much proved it the past 20 years. Power is a thing for PCs and not for consoles, we get consoles, because we just want a fluid running game. You all act like, we compare 16bit graphics to 1080p, but actually we compare 720p or more, to 1080p and we dont even talk about other graphics settings.

At the end, PS4 sells on hype, sells on hope for future 3rd Party games and on power, even though it is actually meaningless, but this community keeps on saying it is important, to justify their buy.

All the hate that is coming at me, actually just proves my point with the hype, if something gets hyped up, people will take everything bad, someone says and rip it apart in the air like animals, so go on.

medman1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The butthurt is strong with this one. Sony has demonstrated for years they support their systems with games that contend for goty year in, year out. PS4 is the most powerful console ever developed, yet still manages to cost considerably less than it's direct competitor. The PS4 has exclusives, just because you're not familiar with what's available, often for free on psplus, don't make yourself look absolutely ludicrous by stating something as fact which has no basis in reality. There are more exclusives available for ps4 than for xbone and they launched recently. What's the Wii U's excuse? The Wii U has been available for quite some time yet there has been a dearth of content available for the system, with developer after developer choosing to skip producing games for that system entirely, leaving it up to Nintendo studios who have dropped the ball. You're lost son. The Wii U was dead in the water when they announced the paltry memory and specifications of that supposed "next gen" system. The Wii U is about as last gen as it gets. #Truth hurts

Tito081613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@Xof- Does your username belong to Metal Gear Solid V, a game that isn't coming out to Wii U? Actually, hype can create excitement and that would make the platform to get more support, I bet you even Nintendo wished to sell their console with "No games" at this rate, and you talk about BC, yeah good luck playing Zumba, Just Dance, Wii Music and Cooking Mama on your Wii U lol, nice try XOF.

@Chrischi- Wii U released with games already out on PS360 before Wii U launched, so please, it isn't as spectacular as you make it seem like. You talk about PS4 selling for the hype, I mean, I rather let the console sell for being a hype and get the 3rd party games we want rather than something that turned into a fad(Wii) and it's successor with the same silly name(Wii U), Nintendo doesn't have a fanbase, they have fanlames.

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miyamoto1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

PS4 also outsells the 3DS!
What is happening?

Is history repeating the PS2 era or we are just getting warmed up for a real industrial revolution shakedown showdown?

GordonKnight1613d ago

It's been a shakedown ever since the Video game market attracted Microsoft.

All companies have brought something to the table.

PS: The most powerful system and great exclusives

MS: Best online play

Nintendo: Best gameplay and always looking for new ways to interact with gaming. The best system for non-online multiplayer games.

IMO: The gampad is not a gimmick and all next gen consoles will have one or maybe two.

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

Way a go Sony very deserved achievement PS4 rules

jay21614d ago

What did I tell people when we got Wii U info, next gen will smash it under a year? But 3 months bloody hell!

Gamer19821614d ago

So much for games sell systems I mean if Zelda and Mario games havn't sold the WiiU then its obvious people want value for money. Thats what sells systems in todays society games is just a small part of it. If it was just games Nintendo would be having no issues as its had some great 1st party games over the last year..

Metallox1614d ago

I thought that happened many weeks ago.

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