League of Legends Presents: Hexakill

Well, it seems like we’ll get even more action in our upcoming League of Legends adventures, simply because Riot Games announced today through Brakhar that they will add a new game mode, on February 20th. This new mode will feature the same map with the same rules! However, here’s the best part of the story; this new mode entitled Hexakill will pin six players against another six players.

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nassour1435d ago

finally something new to the league mix that i care about, double jungling here i come!

I_am_Batman1435d ago

I don't know about this. If there aren't any adjustments I don't think that double jungling would work properly. The camps wouldn't respawn fast enough forcing the junglers to gank more frequently. That would lead to an extremely passive laning phase. You can't even play aggressive when you see an enemy jungler in another lane.

I think 2 duo-lanes would make much more sense in a 6v6. However it's probably meant to be a just for fun mode anyways.

Capt-FuzzyPants1435d ago

But heres the thing. This game mode is temporary and no rranked, so people will probably just go ham and have fun. I feel like the times its available wont be long enough to figure out the best meta. Either way, should be fun for a bit.

TomShoe1435d ago

Time for a quadruple bot lane :D

vor19821435d ago

Karthus hasn't been viable since The Godfather came out.

nassour1435d ago

you cant play 6 pantheons -_-

djslimzz1435d ago

You can't tell me what to do user "nassour"...YOU CAN'T!!!!!

Panthers1435d ago

I still cant believe that a commercial release of a Warcraft 3 mod became so huge. I never liked DOTA so I didnt buy into LoL or DOTA 2, but I might have to when Heroes of the Storm release.

teezanpleez1435d ago

ouuuuuuhhhhh what would be the meta !!! interesting to see how the team will be managed !!

I_am_Batman1435d ago

Like I said above. Two duo-lanes, one solo lane and one jungler would be the most efficient way imo. Things like a triple bot lane (1 adc, 2 sup) would be interessting but those lanes would fall behind in levels way too far.