CBOAT: Xbox One Kinectless For 400 By Summer

Insider CBOAT just unleashed a rumor confirming that we'll see an Xbox One Kinectless by Summer, selling for $/€ 400.

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fluffydelusions1439d ago

Crazy buttocks dropping truth bombs

rambi801439d ago

a lot will depend on titanfall. If it fails to move some units then this will definitely be under consideration

TheForwardUnto1439d ago

Crazy Buttocks On A Train (CBOAT) i thought you were on a illegal run from the Mexic.....Microsoft Police force? Are you communicated to us from a Microsoft Jail?

Alexious1439d ago

I might have to buy one myself if that comes true.

XiSasukeUchiha1439d ago

Same here i would buy one if there no kinect but $350 would make more sense!

come_bom1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I agree. Like it or not, the X1 is less powerful then the $400 PS4, so a $350 Kinectless X1 would make more sense. They could do a $400 Kinectless X1, if they offered something more, like a 1TB HD.

omegaheat1439d ago

Why don't both of you save it for the flies? Neither of you were ever considering to own an Xbox One so why bother typing "i would buy one if there no kinect but $350 would make more sense!" Every article that you comment on has something negative to say about the Xbox. If CBOAT spread a rumor that the console would be sold for $350 without Kinect, you'd probably say something like "I would buy one if they drop the price to $299. Pathetic, you are. Pretend that you can hear Yoda's voice while you read that last sentence.

CertifiedGamer1439d ago

Omegaheat Why so serious? Is it because they are stating facts about that Xbone. I wouldn't buy an Xbone, MS lost there chance because I already own the PS4. All my friends that own an Xbone are tired of getting boned by MS and selling their system to buy a PS4.

Father__Merrin1439d ago

I predict a flip flop along the lines of kinect doesn't matter anymore

OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.