Check Out Over 25 Minutes of Titans Exploding in these Titanfall Xbox One Beta Gameplay Videos

Armed only with a capture kit and foul language, DualShockers' Jorge Jimenez provides commentary as he plays through a couple of rounds of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall.

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fluffydelusions1526d ago

Game looks to be a ton of fun. Will be playing on PC

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HotMess1526d ago

I'm digging it so far. Every moves so fast and the jumping around reminded me of Tribes. So that's always good.

fluffydelusions1526d ago

@georgeenoob Retail preorders. You realize over 70% of PC game purchases are digital e.g. origin, steam etc that aren't reported

Whiskeyjacked871526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@axios lol and mostly free for PS+


Unreal011526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


CrossingEden1526d ago

Completely missing the point. They're still not exclusives yet whenever there's this a "we have more exclusives than your console" pissing content they are almost ALWAYS named and are bragged about.

scott1821526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Yes they are not exclusive, nor are they major title or supposed system sellers. MS keep dancing around it calling them exclusive to Microsoft because all are Microsoft platforms. It really is a lot of pr talk, and people get so defensive when someone says they want this on pc.

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SonyROXitoohya1526d ago

So awesome, I wish I had it on my ps4 as do most. But luckily I bought an xbox one for his and other exclusives, can't wait.

It's funny seeing how many ps4 fans say they don't want this game and have NO interest in it, yet they post in every video, article, blog, everywhere it is lol. Shows how much they DO want it haha, instead of playing their ps4 or reading about ps4 games they instead are checking out every titanfall mention. Pure jealously, hell that's why I bought an xbox one, I was jealous we didn't get it on ps4.

Whiskeyjacked871526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I genuinely don't want it but I do love the back and forth these articles draw up.

Edit: for my comment up above, did I forget to mention FREE!!!!!

NeoTribe1526d ago

You never owned a ps4, quit the troll act. Secondly its on pc, which most people have. People come into these articles because theres TONS of them and people want to find out what the fuss is about. Your gonna see when it releases that its not gonna hold up to the insane hype microsoft has spent millions to create. For the few "Jelly" people you speak of, just have to wait until 1080 defenitive version for ps4. More than likely this will be a yearly title like cod and bf, so titan 2 will not only be on ps4, but it will look and run better.

TheFallenAngel1526d ago

I'm sorry but this game doesn't look what the media hyped it to be. It looks ok but no "the next big thing" or "killer app" I'm waiting for my code to judge for myself. But just about every video I've seen on youtube, you get the most kills by killing bots. Not cool.

Unreal011526d ago

Shhh don't let them hear you. Didn't you know, you can't not like this game. The hype train has consumed all.

mhunterjr1526d ago

It's true most kills are from killing bots, but if you look at the scoreboard at the end, killing bots doesn't have an effect on the outcome. Killing pilots, titans, and completing objects is how you get the victory... and that's how it should be.

TKCMuzzer1526d ago

I'm not getting it, I have watched plenty of vids and I don't know. I'm not to keen on quick moving shooters and that may be it. I might be wrong but the mechs move so quick in all directions which sort of kills any feeling of weight and overall dominance which you should get in a mech. I would also like to see some destruction, there are so many things going on, mechs attacking one another and all the scenery stays in place, yes keep the walls, and some buildings but let something break.
I want to get excited for it because I want new IP's to keep the market fresh but it all looks...,well a bit to clean for big mechs kicking the crap out of one another.
I will wait and play it at my brothers before judging.

I know there will be disagree's from the "don't knock Titanfall" followers, this is just my opinion from the videos.

Bearsfanfourlife1526d ago

Wow looks like fun can't wait to play this on my xbox one.hey that kinda rhymed

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