Gameplay Footage From Monolith Soft's Wii U RPG Reveals Battle System

Have a look at this. It’s some gameplay from Monolith Soft’s Wii U RPG, which is still going by the placeholder name of X at the moment.

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Spurg1471d ago

Looks great...reminded me of Xenogears when he entered the mech. I think this is the closes thing we'll get to Xenogears.

hated_individual1470d ago

Yep... Ex Square Soft employees know how to do the job.

cleft51470d ago

This game can't come out soon enough. This will be the reason I buy a WiiU, just need a firm release date before I buy the console.

Ratty1470d ago

Mostly Tetsuya Takahashi. Looks amazing but still a million years behind Xenogears IMO.

young juice1470d ago

i agree about the mech but thats sbout the only thing that impressed me.

is it just me or does this gameplay look kinda static. I mean c'mon there are mmorpgs coming out with better looking combat... if this is nintendos ace in the box then i fear for them as i would rather play monster hunter 3 ultimate which, even on 3ds, looks more engaging then this outdated uneventful ff13 esque menu button fighter.The visuals are about the only thing that it has going for me.

this is an opinion and i am entitled to have one. however if you have unbiased input im more than happy to listen

mohuzas1470d ago

@young juice
the combat in this game is based on Xenoblade, if you ever played that game you'll know how deep and fun the combat is, it's far from mindless button mashing.
not to mention the game is being created by people with some of the best track records in VG history, Takahashi worked on FF6, Xenogears/Saga/Blade, the story is gauranteed to be nothing short of amazing, unlike ff13.

lilbroRx1470d ago

His creations and skill have little to do with Square, or else he wouldn't have quit after making 1 game with them.

What you are seeing is the fruit of his own effort. Square has nothing to do with it.

young juice1470d ago

@mohuzas i hope youre right cus wii u needs a saving grace. the stakes are too high for one of the most promising games on the console to bomb because of underdeveloped and bland gameplay

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djplonker1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Lets just hope nintendo make more copys of this and not what they did with xenogears and make very few copys and dont put it up digitally!

So if I wanted to find a copy now it would cost £80/$133... USED!

Ratty1470d ago

Except it's available digitally now, right? And I thought the price went down when they reprinted it as greatest hits right before Xenosaga Episode 1 came out.

djplonker1470d ago

Not in europe :(

Usa got a reprint I think

R00bot1471d ago

Still looks beautiful, even unedited.
Not sure about the combat, but I haven't played Xenoblade (shame on me), the combat looks similar to that, and everyone praised that game to high heaven so I'm sure the combat is great when you're in control.

hated_individual1470d ago

Some games just look lackluster when you only watch them and not controling them, but when you try it for yourself then you know where you are with the game. Do you like it or do you hate it when you try it out...

R00bot1470d ago

I'm definitely expecting to enjoy it. Xenoblade didn't get all those great reviews for nothing :)

Chrischi19881470d ago

Exactly, I know a lot of people, I showed Diablo2 and Diablo 3 and they said, you get hyped for that? Then they played it themselves and after that, they didnt want to let me play anymore, beause it is that addictive^^I bet here it is the same :D

MotherLight1470d ago

The combat was one of the worst parts about Xenoblade. I have no idea why it is being widely acclaimed.

Kyosuke_Sanada1470d ago

That scream when he uses the Gears mini-gun XD.......

Edsword1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Xenobalde was one of the best RPGs I have played in a long time. I can't wait for this, it is currently my #1 anticipated announced Wii U game.

Th4Freak1470d ago

Would you mind to explain to me the battle system? Because I really don't understand how it works.

R00bot1470d ago

Watch a youtube video on the xenoblade battle system, it's based on that so that will help you understand.

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