Xbox One barely beats Wii U's first non-holiday month in sales and what that means

Sales data for consoles in the US during January have started to come out and the Xbox One supposedly sold only a bit more than the Wii U did in January 2013, its first non-holiday month. The Wii U's January 2013 sales were widely considered a bad omen so what could this mean for the Xbox One?

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NatureOfLogic1619d ago

This means that Xbox One is struggling now that the fanboys have bought the console and all the hype is gone.

lifeisgamesok1619d ago

Nothing. As more games come later this year sales will pick right back up

Kayant1619d ago

And you think Sony wouldn't be announcing any big titles also?

MS have the most exclusives right now and it has not helping them don't much in the home territory.

Arguably you can say PS4 has ok exclusives atm (Am being a bit harsh with that). Yet they are leading obviously the price difference helps a lot also.

Now once Sony announce some heavy hitters for this year added with better multi-plats that are mainly selling the PS4 right now XB1 is not going to recover easily expect with a price cut/different sku because TF am realising now won't help MS that much to offset the numbers Infamous:SS could pull.

Whiskeyjacked871619d ago

Iifeisgamesok are you and all the the other fanboys going to buy a second X1??

MasterCornholio1619d ago

Didn't Wii U fans say the same thing?

Something along the lines of wait till Zelda, wait till Mario, wait till Pikmin, wait till wonderful 101 etc.

Concertoine1619d ago

Im so sick of this comment. The only potential system seller released since launch WAS super mario 3d world, and it rose sales drastically, the wii u sold more in its last month than it did all year because of that game. Pikmin 3 was a sequel to a modestly selling niche series almost a decade dormant, TW101 is a great game but also incredibly niche by a company that has never met sales expectations once. Windwaker was an HD remake. Only over optimistic fanboys thought any of the latter games would sell the system. The minor sales spikes accompanying each was honestly a surprise to most.
Please god let this argument die. Its flawed, plain and simple.

Chrischi19881619d ago

No, they did not. But haters pretty much acted like we said so and pretty much said exactly, what you are saying right now.

I believe nobody said, wait till Wonderful 101, because it was a unknown game. Zelda was a remake, so I believe only fanboys would say so, but no normal supporter of Wii U wouldve said so.

But funny is, how everytime a new game for Wii U gets announced, we get a ton of articles like "Will XYZ save the Wii U?". Mostly written by haters, commented by a lot of haters and if somebody who owns a Wii U defends the game and console, he is automatically saying "Wait until it comes, it will save the Wii U and make it more successful than any other plattform"^^

Maybe you haters should stop putting words in the mouths of us supporters.

Chrischi19881619d ago

If sales do not pick up, why are you all so sure, that 3rd Parties wont do the same thing to Xbox1, than they did to Wii U? Sales have to pick up, or 3rd Parties see no money on that system, meaning losing 3rd Party support and I believe Halo alone wont make it for the X1. There, Wii U is pretty good, with its first party lineup.

Tito081619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The OG XBox as MS`s First console, had more 3rd party support than the Gamecube, and PS3 still got 3rd party support after struggling all these years, the three companies operates differently, and it's a known fact Nintendo has being lacking 3rd party suppport since the N64 days, and even when Nintendo was at the top of the game with NES/SNES, 3rd parties didn't like em, but if they wanted to sell more games, they had no other choice than to turn to Nintendo, but now that 3rd parties have a variety of options to make money from, Nintendo is the last place for them to look at.

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MorePowerOfGreen1619d ago

Just doom gloom talking points noise born from Sony's offerings being weak and PS4 not being talked about right now.

Allsystemgamer1619d ago

If sonys offerings are weak why is the ps4 selling more? Hmm? Oh. Sorry. One bubble.

xDHAV0K24x1619d ago

Cuz everyone bought 2 ps4's and flipped 1

LeCreuset1619d ago


Think about what you're saying. If everyone bought 2 PS4's and flipped them, those PS4's are still going into consumer hands. In fact, that would mean that the PS4 is so popular, that half the consumer base was willing to buy it at an inflated price.

DoesUs1619d ago

If beating the XB1 by a 2/1 margin in MS back garden is not being talked about then u need ur head checking ....again!'n

Father__Merrin1619d ago

all early Xbox fans are on board, it may be a rocky road ahead now

I feel sorry for them, times are tough but I'm sure everything will be fine, just wait till E3

xDHAV0K24x1619d ago

Why is that? Ghosts KI Max Halo:SA Forza Ryse DR3...Good so far

fight4love1619d ago

Well if were gonna get a ps2 like scenario again I hope the PS4 gets alot of jrpgs the ps2 did.

FF14, FF15, KH3, look pretty nice but i want moarr.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1619d ago

nope. PS2 had exclusives third party games PS4 lost FF, KH and MGS.

xDHAV0K24x1619d ago

PS2-like success will never happen again

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