Varia Games: “We Love Nintendo”, ReVeN is Fit for Wii U

SheAttack was very fortunate in getting an interview from Varia Games on their upcoming title, “ReVeN”. ReVeN is a Sci-fi sidescrolling adventure title with RPG elements. ReVeN’s claim to fame comes from its heavy inspiration from the beloved Metroid series. Below, the makers of ReVeN detail more about the upcoming title. Pay close attention, you may have your questions answered as well!

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hated_individual1439d ago

Interesting interview, hopefully will be out in 2015...

Nintendo fans are starved for something Metroid alike!

lilbroRx1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

No, they aren't.

Though it will be nice when an actual Metroid game is made. Until then, there is Bayonetta 2 to look forward to.

TheVideoGamHer1437d ago

I need Metroid in my life. I'm actually kind of surprised we won't see ReVeN until next year. That's a long ways away. Then again, they are a small development team.

wonderfulmonkeyman1439d ago

Damn straight its fit for wii u, and it already has my guaranteed patronage.
My wallet is ready. Indies are knocking it out of the park on the wii u.