Bayonetta 2 coming to Wii U this summer in Japan, later this year for the west.

Bayonetta 2 isn’t too far from it’s release date. Nintendo announced during Japan’s Nintendo Direct that Bayonetta 2 will be released this summer.

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Concertoine1435d ago

Awesome, localization didnt take long for the first game lets hope thats the case here. I think this will sell more consoles than people think. Not a lot, but it will bring over a different fanbase than nintendo themselves can.
Day 1 for me. This might be the first rated M game i buy myself :D (17th birthday this summer).

hated_individual1435d ago

Happy birthday in advance... Enjoy Bayo2...

Winter47th1435d ago

This is great I can't wait to see this game sell 12 copies and Platinum Games going back to their senses.

minimur121435d ago

I haven't played bayonetta before, should I get the first one?

(then again asking someone who's getting the second one will be a definite yes, lmao) but describe the story to me (without wasting too much of your time) It might make me buy it :)

ChickeyCantor1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

"going back to their senses."

Nintendo gave them money, when no one else would for this project.
They are a business.
They have employees to pay.

What part of them is senseless?

deafdani1435d ago

@minimur: Bayonetta's story is absolute nonsense. If you buy it, you buy it for the combat, which is awesome, and it has cool cutscenes, and because the game is over-the-top in a very enjoyable way.

Neonridr1435d ago

This game looks like a whole bunch of WTF moments...

I love it.

hated_individual1435d ago

When I was the footage at Nintendo Direct stream, I was got hyped about this game...

I opened my jaws when I saw these two huge creatures fighting and city in the background, the details of this game are amazing, over the top action and amazing localization always reminds me that I need to buy a Wii U.

cleft51435d ago

When this and X comes out I will be all over the WiiU. Just waiting until those two games drop before I dive in and buy the console.

Chrischi19881435d ago

I didnt like Bayo that much, but last Direct showed me, that the game is actually better, than I first thought.

MNGamer-N1435d ago

I'm going to need to grow an extra eye to see all the crazy action in this one

yazter1435d ago

I thought this game was already released.


FinalomegaS1435d ago


part 1 was, part 2 will be this year.

did you enjoy the video?

WilliamH1435d ago

Are you really THAT stupid. Jesus H Christ.

Gamer-401435d ago

Good news. Very unique AAA game.

level 3601435d ago

Really liking her new bow and arrow weapon and new transformation ego character.

Still campy as ever.. in a positive way.

Nice footage.

Can't get this though, so will just wait for western release of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime on Blu Ray. Believe it's already out in Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.