Titanfall Beta Codes Being Distributed and the Beta is Live

Karam Elahi writes: "Hey all. Hopefully by now you guys have received (or will be receiving) your Titanfall beta code. I just received mine for the Xbox One, and can’t wait to jump into the fray! The beta is LIVE right now, so pop in that code, clean-up your mech, and get ready for a seriously fun time."

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megazero121465d ago


crxss1465d ago

nothing yet for PC :(

ProjectVulcan1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I have an Xbox One key, but I really want a PC key like you.

If anyone actually wants a genuine straight up trade then hit me up, no begging.....

dp2774071464d ago

I got my PC key this morning,sorry man hopefully later.

ProjectVulcan1463d ago

Swapped my stuff btw so key gone people thanks for asking

rela82me1465d ago

Apparently you didn't according to the disagree... How dare you lie on the first post! /s

Riderz13371465d ago

Just out of curiosity, is it Xbox One or PC? I signed up for PC but still not code yet.

Alex_Boro1465d ago

Thats what I need to know.

RedSky1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

I got one for PC. FYI I registered within an hour of beta signup going live and I'm from Australia which probably put me at an advantage here.

12.38GB download :(

Haki11121464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Delete this for some reason it double post

Haki11121464d ago

got one for pc and x1 right after another

dp2774071464d ago

I got my PC code already but servers are down or whatever people wanna say. Glad I ranked up this morning though.

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Bearsfanfourlife1464d ago

Minus one disagree I hit it accidentally

ZackStrife1464d ago

Have fun man! I'm still waiting on mine for PC. Please please please!

ZackStrife1464d ago

I just got my PC code! I'M SO EXCITED!

VENOMACR12271464d ago

They could have given out 100 codes, I could have registered 99 times, and guaranteed I wouldn't get a code lol. I registered a couple emails, family, and friends. Nothing so far and I dont expect one :-(

Ra30301464d ago

Is it really true Oprah Winfrey is doing voice in Titanfall and says at the start of each game "NOW YOU GET A TITANFALL, NOW YOU GET A TITANFALL, NOW YOU GET A TITANFALL" now go kills some dumb retard bots? I mean that has to be true. Do the bots have the jet pack in their butts to?

Sayai jin1464d ago

Got mine...downloading now!

Gunstar751464d ago

I keep checking my email.... But nada, nothing, zilch, zero...not a sausage :0(

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KingDadXVI1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Haven't got mine yet. Hopefully it is coming soon.

@megazero12 have a blast.

Deividas1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

same here :/
Need to at least try it on my PC

TheDrunkenJester1465d ago

Haven't gotten mine yet. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Do you live in the U.S. megazero?

PsylentKiller1465d ago

He can't answer you. He got his beta code, remember?

I'm in New York and I haven't received a code yet. I signed up about 8 minutes after sign ups went live.

Alex_Boro1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )


LAWSON721465d ago

I have no invite yet :(