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Walker1618d ago

Looks good and same with bayonetta on PS3 ans Xbox360 !

Picture_Dancer1618d ago

You are right, more liake PS2 game:

... and as we can see from those screens, it looks like B2 is running on 720 with no AA, the same as new Mario Kart.

Qrphe1618d ago


Although you're right on the resolution you exxagerate too much on the PS2 part, go play sone PS2 games

hay1618d ago

He as well might be, this doesn't look that much better than Metal Gear Solid: Rising: Revengence: Revenge with Vengeance: Zandatsu Banzai.

BullyMangler1618d ago

well here in bayonetta 2, we can actually see bayonettas make up powder melded into her elastic looking skin. .

WHile sony and microsoft focus on the simple pores textures and OBVIOUS wrinkles, here is wiiU topping ps4 power by providing us with never before seen make up foundation textures pampered onto bayo's face.

So much for ps4 power when the wiiU outshines ps4 just like that.