X screenshots

Nintendo released new screenshots from Monolith Soft's X.

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hulk_bash19871469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

One of my most anticipated games for this year. The game looks amazing.

eaise1469d ago

Except it's becoming more and more likely that NA and Europe won't see this game till 2015. I hope otherwise because this game looks amazing and will be a pre-order for me, but only the Japan Direct got confirmation for a 2014 release.

dadz1469d ago

I'm confident this game will be released in 2014.

maniacmayhem1469d ago

Nintendo cannot afford to not bring this game here this year. This is as Hulk stated one of the most anticipated titles for the WiiU.

eaise1469d ago

I hope you guys are right. I really want this game to be released in 2014. I will pre-order as soon as a release date is given. But I just find it weird that in the Japan Direct X was confirmed to be releasing in 2014 for them but it didn't happen in the NA or Europe Directs.

wonderfulmonkeyman1469d ago

Even if I do have to wait till 2015, that's fine.
If that's what it takes for the quality to match up to my high expectations for this title, then it's very much worth the wait, IMO.

TruthbeTold1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

'eaise', how exactly is it becoming more likely that NA and Europe won't see the game until 2015, when in the NA Nintendo Direct, they reaffirmed that the game will release this year?

I really don't understand the mindset with some people regarding Nintendo. No matter what the news, people either slant it negatively, or are so afraid of the worst case scenario, that they conjure it up and believe it in spite of the facts in their face. Incredible.

They announced in the very video in question, in North America, that this game will release this year.

eaise1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

'TruthbeTold' I don't recall him saying it would release in 2014 in the NA Direct. He said stayed tuned for updates but i dont't believe he said it would release in 2014. I really hope I am wrong and it is released in NA and Europe in 2014 because I really want this game.
And I'm not one of those people thay skew news to make it negative. I am a firm supporter of Nintendo and have owned all of their consoles since SNES and I don't plan on buying any consoles that aren't made by Nintendo.
I will be going back and rewatching the Direct to make sure I didn't miss the release announcement. I'm perfectly fine with being wrong im this situation because I want that game as soon as possible.

DC7771469d ago

The backlash of that would be the last straw for a lot of us. They are already really stretching patience in the "west". A lot bought this console expecting these games first half of this year, not one game in 7 months. They are really killing their own sales and I'm done feeling sorry for them. No money that how work here Iwata.

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Metallox1469d ago

Looks extremely awesome. I really hope Nintendo doesn't delay the game until 2015 in the west.

NiteX1469d ago

Swore I heard some where today that it's not a 2014 release. Bayonetta 2 is so it is all good as they say.

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