PlayStation 4 Sells Almost Twice The Number Of Xbox One In January NPD

GearNuke: "According to recent sales figures of NPD, PS4 has sold almost twice the amount of units compared to its competitor Xbox One. This news was revealed by Geoff Keighley on Twitter."

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MightyNoX1438d ago

Congrats PS4. You deserve it.

And getting ahead of the spin "B-but Xbox One was the fastest selling Xbox One in January." #technicallytrue

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ProjectVulcan1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Nearly TWICE as much as Xbox One?

In North America???

Wut!!!! That's pretty amazing.

morganfell1438d ago

The PS4 launches in Japan in a few days. Worldwide totals gonna be ugly.

Things like this add fuel to the fire when the new MS CEO looks at whether to sell the Xbox Division.

ThunderSpark1438d ago

And VG charts said it was much closer loll.. Definitely ran by an Xbox fanboy.

morganfell1438d ago

I wonder what their numbers were. Not the ones on the site now because he is likely using his eraser like mad. But I think he barely had the PS4 ahead. More proof that site needs to be banned because it doesn't even qualify as rumor but is instead intentional disinformation.

Gekko361438d ago



Amazing is the Aurora Borealis or Stem Cell Research or the size of fat people in America.

Selling toys... Not so much.

Can't bring myself to buy Japanese products... The reason?, A 106 Year old Grandad, whose still upset with Emperor Hirohito.

egidem1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Wow. This is like the PS2 all over again! ...and I just got an Xbox One.

Forgive me Padre for I have sinned.

amiga-man1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

This sort of sales advantage means The PS4 is guaranteed great support by developers, not only wanting to produce games for the most popular console but taking advantage of the extra power available.

Great console already great 1st party support, great 3rd party support now secured.

FlunkinMonkey1438d ago

Sony has taken MS for some dark, back alley business... Where are TheKayle , Truefan, Lifeisagame, Green?

No where to be seen, you guys are pretty funny, and illusive (right now).

ProjectVulcan1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

I have read that PS4's supply was STILL constrained in the last weeks of January as well, presumably because Sony are trying to prepare for the Japanese launch and juggle the other territories.

Sony can't build them fast enough it seems, otherwise the gap could have been more significant.

Man_Son1437d ago

MS had enough stock in December for everybody that wanted a X1 got one.
PS4 shipments were just coming in January, so the other people that didn't have a system picked it up last month.

Giul_Xainx1437d ago

I have stated this before: If microsoft does not outsell the PS4 this year they will sell the brand.

In all seriousness I want to see the xbox brand live on, but not "under the reign" of Microsoft. I hope that who ever buys the xbox brand can return it to a proper status. (I could not say greatness... man playstation has their marketing corner on a fucking roll here. Can't even say certain words without the ps4 somehow being affiliated with the definition now....)

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Mr Pumblechook1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Nearly double? Cowabunga!

When it came to launch sales, considering the price difference and the bad publicity, the Xbox One sold closer to the PS4 than I thought it would. But the people who were buying it at launch were hardcore gamers and Xbox fans. I suspect that now the hardcore have bought their units now begins the period where the 'regular' gamers make purchases and that $100/£80 surcharge will have more of an effect on sales.

Fz6soldier1438d ago

Same thing happened to the WII U.

hellzsupernova1438d ago

That's why I honestly thought the ps4 would struggle in the USA cause of microsofts casual tv integrated nfl approach I honestly thought the casuals would bring in a lot more sales then they have.

You go Sony loving the meltdowns.

Over on ign they posted an titanfall 792p article xbots defending like hell then two stories later the hideo kojima article, and now the npd numbers, it's a tough time for those xbots

n4rc1438d ago

You're probably right..

I dont think they need to beat Sony to be successful.. But that price alone makes that incredibly hard to do.

I'm a single guy in my 30s.. Xbox features are incredibly useful and fun and I'd repeat my purchase again and again.. But thinking back to when I was younger, I don't think I'd really care about most of them..

CrazedFiend1437d ago

PS4 supply still hasn't quite caught up with demand yet, has it?

sweendog1437d ago

I bet the hot cake shops wished they sold PS4's!

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T21438d ago

the actual pr spin was mystogan's comment

*Xbox* as in xbox "family" sold most games

hellzsupernova1438d ago

Yeah I couldn't believe how he tried to spin the numbers. But but but our 360 sold more games! Waaaa! Eat humble pie don't try and spin it

come_bom1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

"PlayStation 4 Sells Almost Twice The Number Of Xbox One In January NPD"

And it's going to get worse as time goes by. Microsoft needs a different X1 SKU to compete with Sony... or take a huge hit and put the X1 at the same price as the PS4.

Microsoft learned absolutely nothing from Sony last gen... 500$ is way too expensive for a console.

RexLex1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I think they would need a bigger hit ,.. 300-350with kinectcrap included,..

Stick a fork in it ,.. they are done

Even if they had all the US market,.. they would still be loosing globally(cometh Japan). And they cannot even compete in US.

hellzsupernova1438d ago

Calling it now, kinectless xbone incoming

MoonConquistador1438d ago

I've never made a complaint about paying £425 for my PS3 at launch, I think it would depend on what you're getting inside the box for your $500.

I think it's more the fact that the price is $100 more for less inside the box that's the issue. They will need to drop the forced Kinect if they want to be more competitive

Gamer19821438d ago

Hmm people say that but do you think MS care if they win a console war? I think they really would be happy with selling more xbox ones than 360.. Any company would considering how much that sold.. Of course those numbers are inflated because of launch consoles and current climate and over few months recently they have been low and putting them along with launch numbers makes it look more, but still MS are certainly limping along until titanfall comes out hoping that will be some massive hit for them.. I don't think it will as once your behind 1 game won't save you ask Nintendo and Super Mario 3D world (93 metacritic!)..

cheetah1437d ago

MS can't drop Kinect. They have guaranteed developers that it will be on every console and the shovelware is imminent. Would be a disaster both financially and support wise.

mcstorm1437d ago

@Gamer1982 I agree with what your saying about not beating Sony or Nintendo. Yes Microsoft would like to out sell Sony and Nintendo but the same the other way round. The goal will be to sell more than last gen. If Microsoft sell 90 million Xbox ones by the same time in its life as the 360 then its been a success. I said the same thing when people were going on about how the psv will walk all over the 3ds and I said Sony wild be looking to better the psp number and if they manage this its a success.

Yea I looks like the ps4 is going to have the most sales this gen but next gen could be completely different. So could 5 years from now. Look at the ps3 for example.

People are also forgetting that there were over 260millon games consoles were sold last gen and the Wiiu, Xbox one and ps4 have sold about 20 million between them so there are possibly another 240 million customers still to look to upgrade plus alot of people who will look to own all 3 along the way just like I will do as I own a Wiiu and Xbox one at the moment but when gt7 comes ill grab a ps4.

This ales this is really just a thing for fan boys to shout about and I think its SA really. I remember being called a geek because I played games when I was growing up but now its become the cool thing to do and now people bicker over it which is sad really just like football fans go on and on about who has the better team and players year after year yet it gets old fast imo.

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GribbleGrunger1438d ago

Well, I didn't expect THAT much of a difference. MS are in BIG trouble.

GribbleGrunger1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

It's not pinin'! It's passed on! This console is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet it's maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! It's metabolic processes are now History! It's off the twitch! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off it's mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN X-BOX!!


Gamer19821438d ago

Are MS in big trouble? MS are selling okay for them at least until titanfall comes out.. It's just Sony are selling through the roof right now.. I'm walking wii like levels.. The Xbone was never gonna rival that.

MoveTheGlow1437d ago

You know, that's what I thought when I read Mehdi's comment at first - it seemed like Xbox was just spouting some BS about another stat that would make them look good, but really, both consoles are selling well enough to probably be profitable. I mean, they're not selling the Wii U here, they're both doing alright.

It's just that Sony's doing *double-*alright, hehe.

Also, love the reference.

TheTwelve1438d ago

I didn't expect this kind of whoopage. Wow.

So maybe a bump in March due to Titanfall but this should be how it goes forward in the US unless Microsoft does something drastic.

ipach1437d ago

until the 360 version got delayed, i would have questioned the impact titanfall would have on X1 sales...

and on top of that, the beta coverage yesterday actually made me feel LESS hyped for the game. I always felt like the whole 'COD with mechs' line was too dismissive of what looks like a really well designed game. but seeing the live gameplay, and seeing how the loadouts and everything work... yeah, it might actually just be COD with mechs. and double jumps. even the wall jumping and all seemed kind of a novelty and not really anything groundbreaking... guess we'll see. hope i end up with a beta code today

Pogmathoin1438d ago

What are the actual numbers though? Anyone got them?

HighResHero1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I don't think recent official worldwide numbers have been released yet.

OT: Just wait Sony fanboys. Kinect Sports rivals will change everything!
..... :/


solidjun51438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Damn. Well done Sony. Well done. Even with supply issues.

I'm sure they'll be some who will spout out stuff like: "But SONY will is losing money...." blah blah blah. The gaming division is kicking @$$.

Infamous next month!!

Gamer19821438d ago

Metal gear is funny Xbox fanboys were like "its on xbox aswell you lost an exclusive mwhaha PS4 has no advantage" then it came to light the ps4 version is a lot more superior and they changed there tune to "its only 2 hours long and a complete ripoff" Cant see it selling well at all on xbox and in fact it may affect decisions to release future MGS titles on xbox...

jessupj1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I called it and I was right.

I said that once the diehard MS fans that bought their xbones, the fans that would buy one regardless if it was literally a turd in a box, and the parents that bought them as Christmas presents without doing any research, that sales would significantly drop.

Now normal gamers are coming in and it seems like most of them are doing their research when choosing.

And I guess all those nar sayers rejecting the "supply constraint" issue are eating crow by the mouth full right about now. And Sony mentioned they were still constrained in January.

I thought sales were going to be better for the PS4 in January, but I wasn't expecting a massive 2:1 ratio this early.

If this it was the US looks like, where the 360 had dominated the generation before, I think we're going to be amazing at world wide numbers. And it hasn't even released in Japan yet. Yikes!

I suspect MS is going to do something drastic in the coming weeks, but what ever it is I doubt it's going to make a dent. The gamers have spoken.

Narutone661438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

CBoat, from NeoGAF, dropped a hint that MS is going to sell a Kinectless XB1 for $399 bundled with a game to compete with Sony.

doolin_dalton1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

"Now normal gamers are coming in and it seems like most of them are doing their research when choosing."

I wonder, did you feel the same way last generation when the roles were reversed?

I'm not saying it was you, but nearly every time an NPD article came out between 2008-2013 it was filled with people saying ridiculous things like "Dumb sheep only look at the price tag. That's the only reason Xbox 360 is selling better than PS3".

Now that PS4 is on top, Americans are suddenly smart, informed consumers. If you believe it now, then I guess you have to concede that the 360 outsold PS3 in NA because it was seen as a better console by smart people who knew what they're buying.

moparful991437d ago

@doolin. Except the PS3 was a better machine out of the box than the 360 ever was. Built in blu ray, wifi, hdmi port, and hard drive all standard. The 360 only had the early launch and Xbox Live in its favor.

S2Killinit1437d ago

The difference of course is that the research back then would have shown that the more expensive PS3 was actually worth the extra cost. Both in the added capabilities (blu-ray) and in we havea more expensive console that gives you a camera you dont need and a less powerful machine.

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AceBlazer131438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

truefan,Axios, GreenPowerz

3,2,1 LET IT RIIIP!!

EA execs must be facepalming themselves.

BOLO1438d ago

No no no...You just wait for the Xbox One saviour Titanfall to release...Then it will outsell PS4 5 to 1! /s

nypifisel1438d ago

I don't think titanfall will sell any significant numbers of Xbox Ones. Not as much because it's also on other platforms, but it's a new franchise and I don't really get what it has going for it. It looks like a 2006 game though..yuck.

amiga-man1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Truefan on hearing the news

ovnipc1438d ago

So?? You all get pad for this? Does sony pays you ppl? I own both consoles and to play on the xbox its much funner and better experience no games to play on ps4. I use it for netflix. Titanfall beta looks amazing xbox its the place to play games. Care less if ps sells more still xbox selling well and has titanfall all i need.

awesomeperson1438d ago

I swear, as soon as anyone prefaces their comment with "I own both consoles", it's immediately blatantly obvious that their comment will be biased in one direction.

The OP was saying congratulations to Sony. What's wrong with that? They played their cards right, didn't treat the consumer like dirt, and now it's paying off for them.

They have come from being outsold by a wide margin in the U.S. last generation to doubling the Xbox One's sales in a month not far removed from launch.

Congratulations indeed, Sony.

gman_moose1438d ago

If Titanfall is all you need, why did you get a PS4? Smells like troll in here.

1438d ago
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1438d ago

Lol just about every xbox owner last gen bragged about sales so now it's time for sony gamers to rub it in Their faces since they made it such a big deal and I'm sorry but I'm loving every min of it lmao

tagan8tr1437d ago

@Ovnipc one bubble reveals your troll like nature..

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andrewsqual1438d ago

Yes people, and outside of the US I can confirm in 2 European countries the PS4 has outsold the XB1 aound 15:1 since January.
Most people who wanted an Xbox One and even for Titanfall, have their consoles since launch. Sales have slowed down tremendously on Xbox One.

indyman771438d ago

Hey pay attention these numbers are not about the 13 markets vs 29 markets. These numbers are about ONE MARKET the USA. And ONLY the USA, apples to apples, except this is Microsoft home market and STRONGEST market. These are NOT world wide markets. Take your head out of the sand!

noctis_lumia1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

"Mystogan Xbox One is still only available in 13 markets "

and the ps4 isnt out in their homeland
and the ps4 outsold where MS was dominating last gen

u can find all the excuses u want but the ps4 will still dominate the xbone worldwide till next gen

#deal with it

TAURUS-5551437d ago

we saw this sure the PS4 will outsell xbox1 3 to 1 in a few months.

reaperofsouls1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Bet all the boners are crying after hearing this news, though to be honest its hardly a revelation

xoxideu1437d ago

M$ should just sell off the xbox brand or just shut it down.

MetaReapre1437d ago

Ya know, I thought we were past this now... I mean congrats to Sony but do we really need more of these articles saying ps4 outsold xb1?

Jazz41081437d ago

Good for you sony but I still dont trust any of these companys with ungiven hyped info. Just mored from page fodder for the fodder of sites. 3 months in and Jan the owest month. Wow sony and they just reported last week that they will losing another billion on the next fi ancials as to why sonys stock is junk.

dmeador1437d ago

Haha, I jump on the comments section every now and then to see the PS4 circle jerk. How about someone post a link to the actual numbers, and we can see if they are almost double

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pyramidshead1438d ago

Outstanding. Congrats Sony, PS4 is a sure hit even this far after launch.

aviator1891438d ago

Some of my friends are waiting for a price drop as well, but I don't expect to see one until fall.

bigspleen1438d ago

Why not buy a ps4? Its a way betetr system.

indyman771438d ago

I think Microsoft will drop the price, don't get burned by jumping in at $500. There are more rumors of a Kinect-less version, becoming hard to ignore. Only reason they didn't drop sooner in xbox360 life in USA is because they was ahead most of the time. But I agree with Bigspleen Get a PS4, because that one will not have a reason to drop the price. About time you play those 1080p games the xbox one will drop in price.

noctis_lumia1438d ago

even that wont save them