PS4, Xbox One sales can't offset software declines in January - NPD

NPD's latest report shows PS4 topping Xbox One in January in the US but software purchasing hit a rough patch

As several analysts and publishers have pointed out, console transitions can be tough. That's clearly evident looking at today's January retail game sales report from The NPD Group. NPD noted that January 2013 was a five-week reporting period, so everything has to be multiplied by 0.80 to normalize the data. With that in mind, total industry sales in January 2014 resulted in a one percent decline at $664 million (down 21 percent if you don't normalize) and the big culprit is software. Total software sales were just $232 million, and even when normalizing that represents a 26 percent drop from last year.

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pyramidshead1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

ok so this comment wasn't meant for this one. edit & ignore.

Mikelarry1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Lol I know right articles about this left right and center.

OT: Sony really is not playing this gen, they are here to get that ps2 numbers again

extermin8or1439d ago

Ummm but seeing as only rally tomb raider and indie games released and none of these figures count digital sales software decline means fuck all..