Xbox One Leads US Game Sales in January, Nearly 740 Million Hours of Fun Since Launch

By Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business, Xbox: "The release of January NPD Group data today provides a chance to reflect on the success of Xbox One. We are incredibly humbled and proud to see Xbox One continue to be the best launch of an Xbox in our history. Comparatively, Xbox One consoles have sold at a rate of 2.29 times faster than Xbox 360 in the U.S. in the same timeframe for the first three months on the market. From our blazing start out of the gate, we have continued to see Xbox One delight fans in 13 markets around the world, with many more markets to come this year."

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majiebeast1496d ago Show
JokesOnYou1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Congrats micro and sony.

Mr Pumblechook1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

What a croc!
Microsoft say 'Xbox' sold more software than PS4 in January but are including Xbone AND 360 sales!

harrisk9541496d ago

The title of the article should be changed. It is MS once again trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes... absolutely disgusting to outright lie in the title.

From the article: "January NPD Group figures released today revealed Xbox* sold the most games across all console platforms in January" (Notice the asterisk?)

*Across Xbox One and Xbox 360 .

n4rc1495d ago


How is it disgusting to make a fairly clear statement? Because some idiots will read it wrong?

Xbox sold the most games... Did they say xbox one or xbox360? No, they said xbox..

Just like saying PlayStation includes 3 and 4 and Nintendo is Wii and Wii u

"Xbox" DID sell the most software.. It's a factual statement and quite frankly.. You aren't too bright if you can't grasp that or assume the xbox brand only includes one console

CrazedFiend1495d ago


Actually, harrisk was talking about the title and the title DOES say Xbox One.

That's what's misleading because is SHOULD just say Xbox.

But you're right. Some idiots will read it wrong. Therefore it needs to be changed.

Timesplitter141496d ago

Microsoft's good news is always about something really specific like "sold the most software in the US this month" or "australian spent more on Xbox this month"

It's never "we sold more consoles"

4Sh0w1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

lol, their last official statement based on NPD specifically talked about they sold more consoles.

"December NPD Group figures released today revealed Xbox One was the number one selling console in the market in the U.S."

Hurry up and edit your post, your trolling looks foolish now.

Timesplitter141496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Granted, the X1 outsold the PS4 when there were little to no PS4s left in stores.

But let's talk about the month this article is about :

and if you read Xbox's article, you'd realize they are actually talking about X1 and X360 games COMBINED. MS headlines are so manipulative

Death1495d ago

"little to no PS4's left in stores"...

Didn't the Xbox One barely outsell the PS4 in December? How is that "little to none"?

jessupj1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Yup, good job for both companies.

But MS is trying to spin again. From the article.

"January NPD Group figures released today revealed Xbox* sold the most games across all console platforms".

Key word their, Xbox*. That means 360 and One combined.

Considering the 360 user base is almost double that of the PS3 it's not such a great feat.

What is a great feat? PS4 outselling the xbone 2:1 for January NPD.

I guess MS had to latch onto something.

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GribbleGrunger1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

The next news up will upset quite a lot of people. PS4 outsold the X1 by nearly 2:1 in January in the US. Looks like VGChartz have been overtracking the X1.

pyramidshead1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It's already close to being approved except there's like 4 different versions of the same news haha

Axios21496d ago

Interesting considering 47% of all games sold where on Xbox

Axios21496d ago

As will XBL

That's why some ppl muster the courage to compare apples to apples, aka, retail to retail.

After all X1 is the console with SNAP functionality, a prominent selling point.

Hellsvacancy1495d ago

What is this "prominent selling point" you speak of?

NeoTribe1495d ago

Did you just say snap is a selling point lol. Snap is a gimmick nobody uses, its just minimizing a task to do something else. Pc has been doing it since the beggining. They just didnt come up with a catchy name for all the retards to latch onto. Pip is better than snap anyday.

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corvusmd1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I don't think it will upset as many as you think. It's still early, only three months in. Hardware for both consoles isn't always on the shelves like games are, at this point Hardware numbers are more about how many units are available than demand....true it's starting to free up. Another thing to take into account that makes hardware numbers trickier is that not all companies release numbers at the same usually have to wait an extra month or so. That being said, I'm sure that PS4 sold more hardware, but in a way that can be spun as bad news. If Sony is bragging about selling KZ (a 6.5-7 out of 10 rated game) over 2 million times and Tombraider on PS4(a remake) doubling the amount of sales on XB1...yet despite more consoles sold, PS4 "the gamer console" is selling less games per looks as if there are no game options for PS4 gamers, and the ones they are buying are more out of desperation. Which is why I have NO DOUBT that Infamous will sell like crazy, I'm sure nearly every PS4 owner will be dying to get it after the drought.

I don't feel like we'll have a true sense of hardware demand until after next Christmas...that's how it's been every other launch. There are other factors as well. If either console has over-heating issues during this coming summer, I'm sure there will be a huge boost to the other console. If I had to take bets, I'd say that PS4 in a smaller case with less vents and fans...with the power brick inside is MORE LIKELY to over-heat. Hopefully both consoles learned their lesson last gen and no one has any issues, but there have already been some stories of over-heating with PS4s.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of downvotes for this as what I said isn't popular, but it's relevant and my opinion based on past trends. I could be wrong, I'm only human...

KingDadXVI1496d ago

Great news for Sony.

On another note I don't really see why anyone would be surprised. Availability of the PS4 was abysmal in the month of Dec. and it is reflected in the Jan. sales due to the fact that they managed to start restocking. If they hadn't outsold the X1 by a fair margin then I would be concerned.

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pyramidshead1496d ago

Guess they had to say something positive. Congrats MS.

4Sh0w1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Well its not just saying "something positive", they said

"Xbox One Leads US Game Sales in January"

Also Xbox 360 and X1 capturing 47% of software market share is also significant considering wii, wii u, ps3, ps4 make up the other 53% of the console software sales. That's saying alot especially when ps4 sold more hardware.

aviator1891496d ago

I'm just pumped next-gen is here and steaming ahead.
Whatever platform or platforms you decide to get, just remember to enjoy it like crazy.

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