New Mario Kart 8 Players, but did they (Nintendo) miss an opportunity?

Ben of Gamersbliss writes: "Today’s Nintendo Direct announcement brings the addition of some new unexpected characters! Joining the standard Mario characters are none other than the Koopalings, the Koopa Kids themselves, Ludwig von Koopa, ...I’m a fan of this addition, but when he initially announced it I thought they would finally roll some of the other franchises into Mario Kart. Why not give us Link, Zelda, Kirby, Olimar, or Fox? "

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TheSuperior 1615d ago

Thats crazy i mean when you put it that why why isnt Mario Kart like SUper Smash Bros? Link would be my favorite character if they added him to the game. Now that would be so cool.

jonboi241615d ago

I really thought they were about to reveal Sonic as a playable character.

JuleyJules1615d ago

They totally blew it with that Direct! They might as well have said it was a 3DS direct since most of it was anyway. Great move Nintendo and way to speed up releases for Wii U. Still 3 months apart. Smart.

drop_dead_ed141615d ago

It's "Mario" Kart, not Nintendo Cart. Staying within the mushroom kingdom with a few outliers is recommended. Great addition with the koopalings.

See ya on the tracks May 30th.

dadz1615d ago

I totally agree with you, I'm perfectly happy with the addition of the Koopalings, doesn't need to have other Nintendo franchises because Mario has a variety of colorful and creative characters.

n4gusername1615d ago

I wished they went with double dash format. It was the best of the karts.