TitanFall Beta X1 Gameplay Video (Direct Feed)

Gamersyde "We just received codes for the Xbox One and PC betas of TitanFall, and spent our lunch break playing it. Lots of fun, but sadly we encountered yet another Gamersyde patented technical issue, and have only a few mostly useless minutes of video captured. We'll try again tonight, but in the meantime here are 30 seconds of super brutal Titan gameplay, recorded at 60 fps by our friend Zepitou."

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corvusmd1558d ago

Looks awesome, and this is just the beta version

Rowco1471558d ago

Guessing 360 should look the same. Resolution and textures dont look so much next-gen on this. Ill try for 360

Pixel_Enemy1558d ago

I went with a PS4 so I will also try this on 360. I don't plan to get an Xbox One till Christmas 2014.

Rowco1471558d ago

Yes I'm loving my ps4 got a 360 still and dont see a difference.really in gfx.per the xbox one version

Bearsfanfourlife1558d ago

Doesn't matter what the resolution is the game looks frickin sharp and the gameplay looks sick now I really can't wait

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