GBA games will be $6 on Wii U Virtual Console

GBA games are coming to the Wii U Virtual Console but how much will they cost? Nintendo of Japan says they will be 650 Yen or $6 in the US

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Majin-vegeta1619d ago

Woah still to high.Should range anywhere from $1-5 IMO.

mrbojingles1619d ago

Really? These are for the most part terrific, classic games. I'd say this is on the low end of what Nintendo could charge for them. They're dramatically better than most $1-$5 games around anyway, especially on phones. Classics like Superstar Saga, Metroid Fusion and Minish Cap (not evening counting if they release the old Final Fantasies from GBA) are well worth $10-$15, let alone $6. At some point you have just pay a bit of a premium to reward developers and not encourage a race to the bottom attitude in regards to game pricing. Yes, these games are older but it could be worse. Nintendo still charges $5 for NES games from 1986-1993 so charging only $1 more for games from 2001-2006 is good to me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1619d ago

Sorry, but you're thinking of Mobile games.
These are NOT Mobile games.

Locknuts1619d ago

Good value. Probably means $20 here in Australia though lol.

TwilightSparkle1619d ago

I wish they were coming to the 3ds as well :(

Dravidian1619d ago

Pricing looks fine to me. Now we wait for nintendo to get on the ball with DS and GC games.

X1BestOne1619d ago

pokemon yellow?blue?Red?Gold?Silver?cr ystal?

il buy a wii u if so.

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