Monolith Soft’s JRPG X Confirmed for 2014 Release at Least in Japan, Gets Gameplay Details

Remember Monolith Soft’s new labor of love codenamed X? At long last Nintendo’s head honcho Satoru Iwata dispelled doubts on the release window of the game and mentioned a tidbit on what gameplay entails.

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eaise1467d ago

Weird that he didn't mention that during the North American Direct. We better get it in 2104! X looks awesome!

Abriael1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

At the moment I doubt it. Reason for that is that he said *exactly* the same thing at the tail of gameplay video in the American and Japanese broadcast, almost word by word. The only thing that was missing in the American broadcast was the release window. Instead he said "stay tuned for updates."

I'm quite sure that can't be a random omission, as much as I wish it was. That Wii U's number 1 most anticipated game for me.

eaise1467d ago

That sucks! I really want this game. This game is second only to Smash on my list of games I want. For a Direct that was supposed to be for games released during the Spring we sure didn't get many release dates.

Concertoine1467d ago

Localization for a big jrpg like that will no doubt take a while.
One thing i will give nintendo props on is NEVER releasing a buggy game, even if quicker releases would help out the wii u they will take the time to release technically flawless, complete games. Thats the minority in this day of day 1 patches, day 1 DLC, etc...

SageShinigami1467d ago

Yeah, like I said on DS. It's pretty much confirmed this won't make 2014. At best it's a "It miiiight make it, but we don't really know."


DanielGearSolid1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Thought I was getting a Wiiu for this game...

But todays trailer disappointed me

Ilovetheps41467d ago

I don't know what your expectations were then. That trailer was awesome.

deafdani1467d ago

You clearly haven't played Xenoblade. It has the same exact combat system, which I actually love.

GordonKnight1467d ago

Xenoblade is in my backlog of games. I need to play it, but I just picked up Bravely Default. Decisions Decisions!

Eyeco1467d ago

It's also in my list of games to play, but it's such a b!tch to find in the UK and Ebay prices are extortionary, I would like to play it before X releases, I want the Wii-U specificallu for that game.

Realplaya1467d ago

It's not a trailer it's gameplay and it was great.

Justindark1467d ago

looked damn good not sure what you saw.

Chrischi19881467d ago

I wasnt so sure about this game before, the trailer actually showed me, that I really want this game.

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BullyMangler1467d ago

indeed . too many digital pop up numbers for me, and not enough monster destruction takes forever for them to pop ? But seems thee wiiU is pow to be able to handle so many things happening at one like that . .

I wanna see more of that Mech action though .

Concertoine1467d ago

Theres not much point in bringing up pop up issues in a game that we might not see for a year. Monolith are competent developers, rest assured this'll be a quality game.

zavierkai1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

The one saying that don't like what they see in the trailer is because they never play the first one on wii. Te
he quality of graphic is bad in this video but is not the game is the video streaming is low res.

Kevlar0091467d ago

Chronicles looked amazing despite being on inferior specs. Also it looks like they are increasing the emphasis of auto attacks, which I like (before you just spammed spells for your main damage). Also I hope guns don't override blades too much, my guess is guns are simpler but have range where swords have the more interesting spells.

My other wishes are Mechs with swords and they keep the fantasy aspect of the original

DC7771467d ago

He never said anything about just in Japan. Another troll journalist.

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