PlayStation 4 versus PlayStation 3: How Sony regrouped after its arrogant PS3 launch

The PlayStation 4′s 2013 launch was so successful that it highlights everything Sony has learned since it last released a home console in 2006.

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wita1587d ago

Sony is totally crushing right now.

Rig_Master1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Sony has been crushing it since 1994. With the only exception the 3 to 3.5 years the Wii craze was in full force. Other than that time a Playstation console has been the top selling console in the world for the past twenty years.

Hocking1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

What can you do when someone writes something so inane?

PS2 vs PS3

PS2 150 million console over 12 years
PS3 80 million consoles over 7 years

PS2 12.5 million consoles/year
PS3 11.4 million consoles/year

The PS2 sold 80 million more console AFTER it dropped to 200 dollars in the second half of its life.

The PS3 will easily reach the 110 million worldwide installed base range by the end of its sales life.

The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 despite being 200 dollars more expensive every single year from 2007 onward.

So, yeah, Sony 'recovered' from the PS3. LOL.

By the time the PS4 reaches the end of its sales life Sony will have four straight 100+ million selling consoles.

Absolute domination by Sony.

Axios21587d ago

PS3 sold 8m in 2013 and that number is only going down.

Sony said they would only support it for 2 more years

BigFnHooters1587d ago

"The PS2 sold 80 million more console AFTER it dropped to 200 dollars in the second half of its life."

This is something I am absolutely astonished that so many people are ignorant of.

The PS3 still has yet to have the same price cuts down to 200 and 150 and even 99 dollars where the PS2 sold an additional 80 million or so consoles.

105, 110, 115 million - whatever the final PS3 installed base number will be it is going to be easily over 100 million by the time Sony stops selling the console.

The PS3 is almost outselling the Xbox One right now and it is available in stores everywhere. The PS3 is long overdue for a price cut. And as it does work its way down to its final price it will pass the 100 million mark with ease.

Mikey322301587d ago

So many people gave me disagrees when i mentioned that the PS3 had an arroagant launch on an N4G article just the other day...

- -

NagaSotuva1587d ago

I miss the giant enemy crab, though.

brew1587d ago

I miss the weird PS3 commercials and Phil Harrison's damage control , though.

kwyjibo1587d ago

Phil Harrison is doing damage control again.

And I honestly liked the weird commercials too.

Eonjay1587d ago

The power they promised is feasible and tangible. With the PS3... not so much. They obviously executed on price this time way better than PS3. In fact they are leading now because of it.

If you want to compare GPU power to cost of console:

Wii U 420 (cerca) Gflops @ 299 = 1.4 Gflops/dollar
Xbox One 1320 GFlops @ 499 = 2.65 GFlops/dollar
PS4 1840 GFlops @ 399 = 4.61 GFlops/ dollar

Pogmathoin1587d ago

Wow!, just wow! Cannot wait to throw that at my friends in the pub! Unbelievable!

LeeMajors1587d ago

"The power they promised is feasible and tangible. With the PS3... not so much"

My god...tell us you're joking...right?

The PS3 utterly crushed the Xbox 360 in graphics. There wasn't a single game on the Xbox 360 that didn't didn't as good or significantly better on the PS3.

The PS3 dominated the weaker and poorly designed 360 in every single possible graphical area:

# Resolution
# Poly counts
# Materials
# Lighting
# Animation

Games like Killzone 2 were running engines that aren't even possible to run on the 360 due to the gimped EDRAM.

Games like GT5 were running at 1080p 60fps while 360 games like Forza could only manage 720p with GT5 have a massively more advanced lighting model, significantly higher poly count cars, more detailed interiors, etc.

Games like Uncharted had world data that was so large and complex that the weren't possible to fit on the gimped 360 DVD format - let alone actually render those worlds at the same resolution and frame rate as the PS3.

But, hey!, crappy little sub-HD Call of Doody might have had some slight differences in materials or textures here or there...

BigFnHooters1587d ago

A major difference with the PS4 and the PS3 is Sony did a bad job of letting Microsoft force third party developers to gimp PS3 versions of multi-platform titles down to 360 level graphics.

Sony isn't letting Microsoft get away with that crap this gen.

Eonjay1587d ago

The power promised at the start of the PS3 life cycle wasn't made tangible for years. With the PS4, it will be visible much sooner and in a more dramatic way. No one is denying the power of the PS3 over the 360. I personally believe that it was exaggerated by Sony at the start of the last generation.

Axios21587d ago

Hundreds of technical analysis on Digital Foundry and lensoftruth show 360 pummeled PS3.

John Carmack spells it out starting at minute 16:00


more resolution
more useful memory
more flexible memory
faster getting data off disc

This is well documented so you are either a blatant liar or....

Rig_Master1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

> John Carmack


Given that PS3 graphics compared to the 360 turned out to be the EXACT opposite of what that relic Carmack claimed should be a good idea why his latest games have bombed and been laughed at and why he no longer is in game development.

And double LOL at GameTrailers/Lens of Truth/Digital Foundry

No better indication of just how badly the PS3 destroyed the 360 in graphics than Xbox fanboys sitting around at those three sites desperately looking for some missing texture or some shadow being slightly different to try to claim 'teh Xbox 360 version is teh best!'

That is what happens when your console's, the 360's, exclusives get destroyed by the competition like the PS3 did to the 360. You are force to resort to try to find any possible graphical differences in multiplatform games to salvage some dignitity.

The Xbox fans as GameTrailers were so desperate at the start of last gen because of how badly the PS3 was beating the 360 in graphics they were:

Intentionally hooking up the PS3 video settings wrong so the gamma would wash out the screen captures

Using higher compression on screen captures so the PS3 screenshots would look blocky and lower detail

Getting caught mislabeling screenshots to mislead gamers

And an endless of other desperate fanboy games. And Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth are carrying right along with the same tired old games with the PS4 and Xbox One.

GrandTheftZamboni1587d ago


Lens of Truth. Haven't heard from them this gen. Just shows how biased they are.

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