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-Foxtrot1470d ago

So colourful :)

I like the thought of the Koopalings involved in this but wouldn't that waste a few character slots, I wouldn't be bothered but you know how Nintendo doesn't overfill the roaster with a ton of characters even though they could with how many Mario characters their is. Unless this time they've decided to splash out a little.

SteamPowered1470d ago

Judging from that trailer, there is a full roster already. I didnt notice anyone really cut out. Even Daisy was in there.
On Topic though- This Game Looks Great!! Day One for sure.

-Foxtrot1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I meant in terms of secret characters

Bowser Jr. (How would that work with the Koopalings about)
Diddy Kong
Dry Bones
Funky Kong
Honey Queen
King Boo
Metal Mario
Petey Piranha
Shy Guy


Hell maybe some will be announced soon but who knows until then. Theres 7 Koopalings so theres 7 slots gone. They could be skins though, classed as one character...who knows

rluvah1470d ago

Actually its not a wast of character slots to people who want to play as the Koopalings such as myself. I've been waiting years for this.

-Foxtrot1470d ago

It kind of is if they are separate, the Koopalings could be one character with different skins. I mean lets face it they will most likely be the same class.


2 - Light

3 - Medium

2 - Heavy

Which would result in three slots gone instead, which isn't so bad then.

GdaTyler1470d ago

Finally we have an HD Mario Kart. This will sell millions.

Vegamyster1470d ago

Level design looks awesome.

WheatBread1470d ago

The graphics look great.

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The story is too old to be commented.