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-Foxtrot1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Oh good Luka is back :)

Loved his character in the first game

bayonetta1616d ago

Just can't wait for it =D

Concertoine1616d ago

not sure if diagrees are from bayonetta 2 haters or foxtrot haters.
Luka was hilarious

majiebeast1616d ago

Cornrows kid stole Yugi's millenium puzzle, he doesnt have the heart of the cards.

-Foxtrot1616d ago

Lol...thats what I thought when I first saw it


erathaol1616d ago

Yeah, wonder if he'll ever say, "Its time to duel!"


Like the new look Bayonetta has

NovusTerminus1616d ago

This is the game I might get a Wii U for... I am a sucker for P* games, and the first Bayo, while the story was kind of bothersome and overbearing at times was really fun.

asyouburn1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I'm gonna buy a wii u on launch day of this game. I don't care if I ever play another game on it again, this ones worth it. Thankfully I have a six year old who can take it over when I'm done with it

lilbroRx1616d ago

Those Next gen graphics.

BullyMangler1616d ago

youtube wont let me see the real deal grafix but some parts in bayonetta 2 i cant wait to see in HIh Def 1080p.

After i saw DK at best buy the other day rather youtube display, holy wauu . . welcome to next gen folks

eaise1616d ago

This game looks awesome. But why did we not get a release date. This Direct was supposed to be for games coming out in the Spring. Wii U deserved lots more time than it received in this Direct.

SpiralTear1616d ago

I was hoping for a Bayonetta 2 release date, but sadly, twas not the time for it, I suppose. So much teasing, Nintendo...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1616d ago

It coming Summer in Japan through

eaise1616d ago

Then it should be in NA and Europe not too long after that...I hope. Japan's Direct was better than NA one apparently. They got confirmation of X releasing in 2014 and a Summer release date for Bayonetta 2. Not liking that at all. I need those games!

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