Most Anticipated 2014 Racing Games

Worlds Factory takes a look at some of the most anticipated racing games releasing during 2014

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karamsoul1616d ago

Bugbear's Next Car Game is the one I am most looking forward to. Their Flatout series was pure fun.

The Crew and Drive Club also look pretty interesting to me :)

Alexious1616d ago

Having played DriveClub, I can testify that it looks and plays great.

Also looking forward to Next Car Game, I hope it comes to next gen soon!

WeAreLegion1616d ago

I'm getting Driveclub, Mario Kart 8, and Project CARS. Still don't see much in The Crew though. Has there been much on it since E3? That presentation was horrible.

level 3601616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Project CARS and Drive Club.

Positively think BugBear's Next Car Game will make versions for the now-gen consoles. Just hope they approve of it ASAP.

ironfist921616d ago

The Crew and Poject Cars, and Forza if I had an Xbone

Realplaya1616d ago

Mariokart 8 and project cars for me.