What Can Nintendo Do For the Wii U?

Khurram of Corrupted Cartridge writes "For the second console generation in a row, Nintendo has released a machine drastically less powerful than its competitors, but this time around the sales figures don’t look positive. Not only this, but as other consoles evolve with more features and content, the Wii U remains painfully behind; with poor internet integration and a visually dated UI. This has sparked a tidal wave of suggestions for Nintendo, from across the internet."

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X1BestOne1613d ago

Get more games?

third party support is important.

they need a new game instead of mario over and over again.

bring out
Animal Crossing

there shift consoles

Chrischi19881613d ago

Could you please stop it already, we get 1 Mario game of its kind per plattform, so what you said is not only wrong, it also showed, that you dont own a own opinion, since only haters of the plattform say such a thing.

Like CoD doesnt get a handheld game^^ Like there is no Killzone for Vita. It is just not true.

We got a 2D Mario and a 3D Mario, oh, that is tooo much, we only got Mario games. Mario Kart is hardly a Mario game, it just features its mascots to gain more success, oh, that is soooo bad, how dare them to use known characters for their kart game... Just stop it, seriously.

kazuma9991612d ago

So the games beyonetta 2 / X is not new? Read at the games coming in 2014.

BoneBone1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Free RAM Expansion Pack with DK Country: Tropical Freeze..

Rustynail1613d ago

Reggie should get fired.