First uncut footage of Monolith Soft's X

Check out the first uncut footage of X.

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DanielGearSolid1320d ago

Idk... It doesn't look as good as the first trailer

Justindark1320d ago

low res vid it looks the same as the trailer

TruthbeTold1319d ago

Yeah, I recommend watching it on your Wii U on your TV, through the eShop. Looks great! Much better than the youtube quality stuff going around.

Eonjay1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

The capture quality is horrible. No HD steam...
Wait for a proper trailer. Game looks really fun though.

This actually makes me want to get a Wii U just to play this.

LAWSON721320d ago

What do you expect from a 360p video?

bigbearsack1319d ago

No kidding/ some people are f stupid.

Aceman181320d ago

you know nintendo i wanted a firm release date for X, but not giving it to me upsets me more now.

Concertoine1320d ago

probably the 240p doing its thing lol

3-4-51320d ago

Does it look like it PLAYS well though ?

That is more important.

PsychOff1319d ago

I didn't mind at all how it looked but more so I minded how it played. It didn't look to play that well, everything was so stiff and lifeless. Just attacks and numbers showing.

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KingKelloggTheWH1320d ago

It looks way more MMO like then I expected..

majiebeast1320d ago

Looked like Xenoblade 2.0 to me, not that its a bad thing.

SpiralTear1320d ago

Xenoblade was a lot like an MMO, but it was a good thing, since it took the best parts of MMO's and made it palatable for single-player.

Irishguy951320d ago

Took the worst parts of an MMO you mean. The best parts are the online parts. THey wouldn't be any good without the online.

Xeno got by on it's story, art, music and wankability

despair1320d ago

Yup that's the first thing I thought as well. This might be the game that convinces me to get a Wii U. Still, need a lot more than a random battle though.

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Justindark1320d ago

mmo? um not not even close cus of the move set layout? i asume u never played xenoblade.

PsychOff1319d ago

Not even being mean but it seriously does look like a really generic Korean MMO. Fancy graphics, terrible game mechanics.

PsychOff1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Yea not for me :/

It was ok on the Wii but I could accept that but I expected a bit more from the Wii U than this.

Kurzo1319d ago

And what exactly did you base this decision on?

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eaise1320d ago

Game looks awesome. Just wish we could've gotten some release dates. This was portrayed as a Direct for games releasing in the Spring yet all we get is "Coming in 2014". Wii U deserved alot more time in that Direct

Toman851320d ago

Gonna wait to get gameplay footage in 720p. This is only 240p, it hurts the overall looks of it

But the gameplay, oh my god it looks so good. I loved Xenoblade Chronicles on my Nintendo Wii!

Beastforlifenoob1319d ago

The ai looks like a derpy ass dopey piece of fu****ng sh*t. It didnt even move or attack when the guys was raping him.

SageShinigami1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Need HD footage. Looks fun, though. But if it isn't an MMO it's multi-player--look at all that player 1, player 2 stuff.

Still. The Direct did not disappoint. This was the game I was most hyped for and it delivered.

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