Best gaming TVs for PS4

What is PlayStation 4 has put together a guide containing the Best gaming TVs for PS4.

So if you're looking for a resource to help you find a gaming TV for your PS4 or any other console, then this guide will help you.

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LAWSON721529d ago

Nobody buying a modern HDTV does not have to worry about burn in so why cover it?

IraqCombatVet1529d ago

Because it still can happen on modern TVs. Just not as common. I did the research. And not everyone will buy a brand new TV. They might buy one off Ebay, Craigslist, or get a hand-me-down. That info is for them too.

LAWSON721529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I have not seen a HDTV have burn in since the early days of HD when big ass plasmas were common. I seriously doubt someone buying a new TV is going to leave it on the same exact screen for like 3 on the same image. From what I read you have to almost try to actually get burn in on mostly any modern TV.

I seriously doubt someone getting a hand-me-down is going to expect the best TV for gaming. Clearly they have the TV because it is the best option available to them so this list would not help them considering they maybe stuck with what they got.

Anybody buying a HDTV on Ebay is not going to be buying the HDTV that is actually prone to burn in which are mostly early big ass HDTVs that way alot and would cost a lot to ship so odds are they could get a smaller newer TV for less.

If some is buying a old ass HDTV off of Craigslist I doubt they are aiming for a fantastic gaming TV because they are probably going away for free or under $100 since they take up loads of space and have terrible picture quality anyway. These people take what they can get and dont really care about if it is great or not.

IraqCombatVet1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

"The Best Buy near me has an excellent condition open box 50" Panasonic Viera S60 for $470. I honestly don't know a whole lot about plasmas and gaming. Would you say this is a decent deal for someone with a less than $500 price range, or would you recommend waiting on something else?"

That was taken from my thread in Reddit which is only two days old. People who search for gaming TVs, NOT The Best Gaming TVs, but just gaming TVs still want something good that they can afford. Whether they get it on Ebay, Craigslist or as an open box item from Best Buy.

The Panasonic Viera S60 still can have burn-in issues. Would you like me to link to the thread where people have these issues?

Or do you want me to link to CNET article that indicated TVs today still can have burn-in?


Just so you don't think I'm full of it, here is the link to the thread I mentioned about the Panasonic burn-in issue at

LAWSON721529d ago

Are you trying to tell me one guy who clearly has a defective open box product means burn in is a serious issue? You got to try harder than that man. If every TV had permanent burn in due to a 20 min pause of an image I dont think many people would be happy with HDTVs and almost everyone would have burn in on their TVs.

Any TV can have burn in, but as I said and even CNET said in a article I read, the owner would have to pretty much try to cause permanent burn in. Only an idiot who was trying to cause burn in would leave their TV on the same image for maybe as low as 3 days, which unless leaved on a channel like CNN I dont see it happening.

IraqCombatVet1529d ago

Lawson, where in this conversation did I say burn in on modern TVs is "a serious issue"?

You said, "Nobody buying a modern HDTV does not have to worry about burn in so why cover it?"

I covered it because it STILL HAPPENS. I never said it was serious. And no matter what you think, it still happens and people are on the internet looking for answers.

The other reason why I cover it is because not everyone who reaches my "Best Gaming TVs for PS4" page is looking for gaming TVs. It's called SEO and people will reach my page for long tail keywords and other keywords like "image burn-in", "how to prevent image-burn in", "what is image burn-in" and so much more.

Also somebody buying or who has an old TV might come across my page because they want to know how to fix image retention.

I even mentioned on my page why mounting your TV is important for safety because someone who lands on my page who has kids might find that helpful. It has nothing to do with gaming TVs right? But actually, it does. I have a kid and I game on my TV. That information actually made me aware of the need to mount or secure my TV because my daughter does hit against it.

I've been building websites for a long time. I have a degree in Software Engineering. I know what I'm doing. Image burn-in still happens on modern TVs and I guarantee you somebody will land on my page looking for that info. But thank you for your concerns. I got to get back to my business now so I won't be replying again.

MAULxx1529d ago

I'm a plasma fan and love the deep blacks, rich colors and response times.
I'm gaming on a 55" Panasonic ST30, the 2011 model I believe.
I love it. I hope to be using it for years to come.

ibrake4naps1529d ago

I'm loving my 55' lg passive 3dtv :-D

medman1528d ago

I'm going to pick up the vizio p series 4k tv when it launches. It's 50 inches and under 1000 and has some really impressive features. I'm also waiting to see new a/v receivers with hdmi 2.0 in preparation for ultra hd blu rays hopefully coming by the end of 2014, early 2015.