First Screenshots of Little Mac for Super Smash Bros

Sakurai has released the first screenshots of Little Mac.

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Muffins12231500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

This game will be good,ill buy a wiiu until its dirt cheap and has zelda on it though.

Starbucks_Fan1500d ago

I don't see any point of buying a Wii U till Mario Kart. There's gonna be a bit of a gaming drought for Wii U this spring. Yes I know DKCTF almost here but that's really it for a while.

Studio-YaMi1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I already have a Wii U but it's my brother Wii U,I'm gonna buy my own when Mario Kart arrives,my friends go bananas over it,we have so much fun with it.

The wait for it is killing me a little inside everyday really ..

ABizzel11500d ago

Wii U's are $200 every other Sunday at a local retailer here.

stragomccloud1500d ago

By that time the Wii U's successor will be coming out... so.... you might want to rethink your plan unless you want to a generation behind, every time.

Muffins12231499d ago

Yea i thought about that a few hours ago actually,might just wait for the next gen Nintendo console and it could probably play wiiu games.

stragomccloud1499d ago

In that case, you'll miss the community experience. It's dirt cheap anyway, and it's an awesome experience. Since I'm a pc gamer, getting a Wii U is a nobrainer.

SteamPowered1500d ago

Where is the pink sweatsuit?

wonderfulmonkeyman1500d ago

This guy is probably one of the most combo-heavy fighters the series has ever seen.
He's DEFINITELY going to be a favorite amongst Melee lovers, I think.

Darkfist1500d ago

more like button mashing, its like a punch-only captain falcon, hope pacman has more creative movesets.

crusf1500d ago

Can't say until we have a chance to play him.

SpiralTear1500d ago

Can I buy your copy of Smash Bros. Wii U? I'd love to play the game before it's released and before anyone has had a chance to play it and actually get a feel for the character's moveset.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

Because none of his punches offer any variety or have any different timing intervals or damage variations.
Yep, it's just "Mash = win" up in here./s

Darkfist1499d ago

so your saying that a normal punch, falcon punch, and counter punch offer variety, different timing intervals and damage variations? then they should put Toad were he throw gift boxs, like normal box, heavy box, counter box, or Birdo were she spits eggs, normal egg, powerfull egg etc, these also offer variety, different timing intervals and damage variations they are soo creative.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Except that's not all he has. Different punches will obviously have different frame amounts and lag to take into account on to of properties like the ability to avoid projectiles, increase approach speed, and ignore flinching.
Saying that he has no variety because he only punches makes no sense.
Its a shallow viewpoint that demonstrates very limited understanding of how variances in the speed, timing, and other miscellaneous properties of each attack make his move set varied and unique despite being based around punching.
Basically, you don't know what you're talking about.