Final Fantasy X vs Final Fantasy VII: Which is the better game?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: When it comes to Final Fantasy, there are many stand-out editions of the main (numeral) games. Every Final Fantasy fanatic has their favourite entry of the series, and for many the favourites can change over time. When it comes to popularity, there's no denying that two Final Fantasy series' stand out, and those are Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

Both games set new standards in gaming, and both of them spawned sequels and spin-offs. But which game is truly the better of the two? There can be no ultimate ruler of course, it all comes down to opinion, and gamers could argue this one to oblivion. So to keep the debate going, Charles Singletary and I decided to create an argument for the game we feel is the better of the two.

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hellzsupernova1619d ago

final fantasy 8 was my personal favourite, i think any of us would be gald if square went back to the quality of 7, 8, 9 or 10 cause their latest affort has been horrible.

Really hope 15 is as good as it looks

-Foxtrot1619d ago

Same here man, FFVIII took everything what FFVII gave us and made it much better.

I bloody loved Squalls character development, thats something you don't see these days in recent FF games.

Loved how because of the things going on around him his personality slowly changed until the end of the game. Each disc showed a different side of Squall....from a lonely selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader.

Insomnia_841619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I started the FF series with FFVIII and it was my fav until I played FFX. FFX is fantastic! FFX was the last good FF game I played. I still own the original PS2 copy and strategy guide.

The ending and the message of FFX is great!

rbailey1619d ago

The better game will be Final Fantasy XV. Case closed.

MrKennedy1619d ago

this is a good article about FF and another FF game

Snookies121619d ago

Let's hope! I was just thinking earlier today, about how I used to be able to go out and pick up a Final Fantasy at launch... I always knew it was going to blow me away. X-2 disappointed me with dreadful writing, XII disappointed me with its bland characters and boring story, XIII disappointed me with its lack of exploration and character progression. So, after XIII I stopped pre-ordering them.

From what I've seen/heard of XV, and knowing that Nomura is behind this one. Well, let's just say I'm more than hopeful.

Profexxion1619d ago

I really, really hope so

Neoninja1619d ago

Well I like them both, but for me FF7 takes it. I like the world in 7 and most of the characters. I felt the music was on point and I enjoyed seeing the transformations of Cloud mentality. I feel that it showed it was a lot happening in the world that we didn't know about. Which years later come to find out it's a butt ton of things happening. I also like the depressive state the world is in, however it is now cliched to death.

I like FFX's battle system much better than 7, but I felt the story was a little lacking and you could tell what direction it was going to go in. I also hate to be that guy, but I hated Tidus as the lead character. Such a freaking crybaby. It made him seem weak, which is probably what makes him a bit more realistic as a character. I'm an Auron fanboy and proud to admit it! I also don't like kimahri! I found him to be useless in gameplay.

Anyway I like both of the games, I like FF7 more, but that's not taking anything away from X. X in my opinion is the last true Final Fantasy. Is one better than the other? Well that's up to the individual who plays them. Most will probably like or dislike them for different reasons.

NovusTerminus1619d ago

FFVII. I didn't care much for FFX.

That said FF Tactic's is still my favorite FF game.

SlapHappyJesus1619d ago

I never saw the big deal about ten. Seven, five and twelve are my personal favorites.

Outside_ofthe_Box1619d ago

Both are great, but it's FFVII for me.

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