Lords Of The Fallen: A Tactical RPG [TheGameHeadz]

Ci Games is the developer for Lords Of The Fallen, an action RPG set in a Medieval time frame, where the people have defeated their God, in an attempt to rid the world of sin. The game has some elements that should capture the attention of any RPG fan, and the love of action rpg fans. The world you explore is beautifully render and is set in a Medieval setting which perfectly plays into the design of your villains, as well as the large monster you'll fight. The combat has a timing and tactical element that makes dueling more than just a hack and slash affair.

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isarai1592d ago

This game looks kickass, like Dark Souls and Darksiders 2 had a baby

ILikeGamesNotCorps1592d ago

This game is in my top 5 most anticipated for 2014. Very nice graphics even if the aesthetic is not entirely to my liking (too bulky and fantastical, I like it more Dark Souls realistic style), and gameplay that looks like you can't just mash but have to duel each enemy. Sign me up.