Zampella on Titanfall: How we changed the Military Shooter

onPause writes:

At a recent preview event for the upcoming First Person Shooter Titanfall which is developed by Respawn Entertainment, lead by ex-Infinity Ward head Vince Zampella, the studio CEO spoke about why the newly formed studio stuck with the military shooter and how it changed it for the better, hopefully.

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Tapioca Cold1585d ago

This sell out new all about not bringin this to ps3 and 4 and wiiu. Dont understand why gamers give this guy a break. I dont believe for obe second he had no idea that exclusive talks were in the works. Titanfall 2 will not be on ps4 either.

mcroddi1585d ago

I believe he of course knew Titanfall was at least an initial Microsoft exclusive but in an interview he noted, for now, which means he didn't know it would NEVER come to PlayStation. I believe him.

vgcgames1585d ago

I remember hearing that it was never coming to the PS4

mcroddi1585d ago

yeah, there was some confusion initially. Zampella didn't rule it out but then EA and MS confirmed it will not be coming to PlayStation. It was in flux for a bit there. At least there was no confirmation.

quenomamen1585d ago

You took COD and added mechs, Vince. We've all seen the videos. Who you trying to kid.

mcroddi1585d ago

It does fundamentally change the gameplay, have you been part of the beta?