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Sgt_Slaughter1500d ago

First minute in, and it's already awesome!

TomShoe1500d ago

Soooo hyped for this game.

Little Mac seems to wreck people with his ground game, but is a somewhat weak fighter in the air and has a mediocre recovery, as evidenced by the Wii Fit Trainer getting the better of him. He's probably going to be in the mold of a character that has a strong early game, but falls of late, in the mold of the anti-Lucario, who gets stronger when he takes damage. If you can get a good lead early as Little Mac, you're going to dominate.

Also, that K.O. move looks REALLY OP. Anyone else thinking this?

krontaar1500d ago

Looks so fun to play as

Concertoine1500d ago

probably best direct ever o_o

Fanboyssuck271500d ago

really? I thought it was a waste of 40 mins. Mainly covered the 3ds, and we got pretty much more of the same when it comes to Wii U. No new Ip, no star fox, metroid, nothing new really. meh

Concertoine1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

your expectations were way too high. new smash character, amazing new trailers for DK, MK 8, Bayonetta 2, extended gameplay of X and some minor eshop announcements, even learned about some cool indie games i never heard about. Release dates revealed. i honestly couldnt ask more wihtout being unreasonable.
you cant expect them to reveal games every time. they need to save stuff for e3. i made note of the retweets, i expected what i got and then some.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1500d ago


Monolith Soft, Sora LTD and Platinum Games wanted to share new info.

MrTimesplitters1500d ago

This is a Nintendo Direct this isn't E3. If you really thought they were going to announce a new Metroid, Star fox etc. Then your expectation and your common sense were just blown way out of proportion.

Fanboyssuck271500d ago

Everyone should have high expectations considering how bad Nintendo has been handling the Wii U since launch. We want change and we want games, fresh new games. Mario karts is great and all. But this just seemed like a 3ds direct to me.

Seriously considering going to the darkside and exchanging my Wii U for a Ps4.

maniacmayhem1500d ago



Long over due!

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The story is too old to be commented.