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InFAMOUS: Second Son: Sucker Punch Talks About Story Length, Lack of Dynamic Shadows and More

With the new reveals about inFAMOUS: Second Son Sucker Punch is receiving and answering a lot of questions from the fans, and today they shed more light on a few interesting aspects of the game. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

RytGear  +   530d ago
Ok, so the characters will have shadows just not from certain smaller light sources (Headlights and streetlamps) For a early in the gen open world game that looks as good as this I would say that it is fair.
KendrickLamar  +   530d ago
The game is incredibly gorgeous (best looking next-gen IMO).
Won't bother me even the slightest bit.
hellzsupernova  +   530d ago
especially considering its open world.

hopefully for their next game theycan get that down, or maybe naughty dogs next game!
Eonjay  +   530d ago
One thing this game doesn't lack is great lighting.

NukaCola  +   530d ago
The lighting and particle effects are so vibrant and gorgeous I didn't notice that some shadowing wasn't there. I am ready to go wild in Seattle next month!
Ashunderfire86  +   529d ago

Damn is Infamous Second Son in 60 FPS in that gif? Wow that is really impressive! Youtube doesn't do it justice.
morganfell  +   529d ago
I get as many vids as possible from Gamersyde because we do not get the deterioration imposed by Youtube nor their idiotic restrictions.


And do not forget we are mere days away from the The Order gameplay reveal.
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Destrania  +   529d ago
Fantastic gif @Eonjay. Infamous looks spectacular.
Elit3Nick  +   530d ago
It's extremely taxing to have shadows cast from too many light sources, like you would see in an urban setting like this one, it's still impressive the detail they have right now
HomerJDog  +   530d ago
that's bs and you know it even GtaV had dynamic lighting so it's obvious they had to cut back to increase resolution
Ron_Danger  +   530d ago
This isn't a comment section for Ryse or Forza 5 from 2 months ago bud...
PersonMan  +   530d ago
Not even GTA V has shadows from headlights. There are some street lights that cast shadows, but there are a lot of smaller lights and headlight that do not cast shadows.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   530d ago
Shadows are pretty taxing on hardware but it's not big deal, the game looks great and the lighting is superb! GTA V is really good at multiple dynamic shadows from street lights for a current gen title and the lighting in that game is just unmatched for last gen. If that game had HD Textures it would be scary to how real it would probably look lol
mogwaii  +   530d ago
And will look....you just know they are gonna bring out a next gen version :)
elninels  +   530d ago
Im a PS4 guy because I believe sony wins in the exclusives game; second son will be a day one purchase for me. However if Microsoft published an exclusive that lacked some of the more tech aspects ok terms of building atmosphere then n4g would be set aflame with the "xbone lacks teh power for shadowz"

I apologize for replying to you fellas because you just praising a game that admittedly looks awesome.

Its just frustrating to see discrimination and bias based on what console one owns.

Thats just crazy
Stedron  +   529d ago
So post that trash when that day comes...not here.
elninels  +   529d ago

Happens everyday with the whole xbox can't do 1080 argument.
I understand that people want to be happy about the games they play, however they're the same people that troll xbox articles. Its hypocritical and it has a negative impact on the perception of gamers.
killzone619  +   528d ago
no shadow effects from lightsources? im sorry but thats just unrealistic.

Even GTA 4 has these effects...
RytGear  +   528d ago
The sun and the moon and big lightsources of course will but a tradeoff they had to make was that the smaller less frequent sources like car headlights are not dynamically creating shadows.
killzone619  +   528d ago
no shadow effects from lightsources? im sorry but thats just unrealistic.

Even GTA 4 has these effects...
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chrissx  +   530d ago
Very soon the wait shall be over
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amnalehu  +   530d ago
NO Shadows? Deal breaker for me...
Snookies12  +   530d ago
It doesn't say 'no shadows', it says 'lack of dynamic shadows'. Which is honestly a little unfortunate, but this is their first game for the system. When everything else looks so dang good, can't really fault it for a small thing like that.
HomerJDog   530d ago | Trolling | show
Snookies12  +   530d ago
@HomerJDog - I am in no way a Sony fanboy lol. If anything, I'm a PC guy. I've owned 2 Xbox 360's, and had quite a lot of fun playing my friend's X1.

I'm a gamer, I don't pick sides when it comes to consoles. Do I have a preference on which console company I like more? Sure everyone does, but that's because of personal experience and what types of games I enjoy playing.

I'm not talking about Sony as a whole either. I was talking about Sucker Punch. They've made a really beautiful game here, and I'm just saying that dynamic shadows aren't really that big of a deal breaker when everything else looks so good.
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BABY-JEDI  +   530d ago
Me. I find those shadows too distracting from the dynamic lighting.. See
WeAreLegion  +   530d ago
Pretty sure he was kidding, guys.
amnalehu  +   530d ago
I was being facetious. Already got it pre-ordered!
adorie  +   529d ago
Agreed because I scrolled down. To the next person hovering over the disagree button... won't you scroll down too? :P
waltyftm  +   530d ago
Yet it still looks super.
OrangePowerz  +   530d ago
Fully dynamic shadows could break the game potentially. Some of the attacks have a lot of particles that would technically be light sources. In that sense dynamic shadows could end up very broken, like TressFX (especially 1.0) in Tomb Raider was very broken because of the amount of elements that are involved.
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KILLERAPP  +   530d ago
Can't wait...
cyclindk  +   530d ago
All games focus on certain aspects more than others, put their time and resources here and there. All games. Games that try to push all aspects usually have to make significant overall cuts to quality if they try to have every part of the game world on par with the other, especially early on, this goes for X1, PC, whatever.

After GTAV on last gen though... I can't even imagine what they (all devs) will be able to push at the end of this one... with 16 times the RAM...!!! Jesus... That was a gorgeous game and TONS of crap to do and see and interact with.

Zillion dollar budgets help too of course.
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mediate-this  +   530d ago
I think they lazy devs will be exposed because of there being so much ram lazy devs wont want to optimize. I want to see the next gen gta, that will be sick af
king_george  +   530d ago
I hope there is more to do in this city than in the previous games. In my opinion, open world games should have a ton of content outside of the main storyline. This is where i feel infamous has always come up a bit short. I could only collect so many audio files from pigeons... but hopefully theres thoughtful, engaging side missions to do throughout the city
blackstrr411  +   530d ago
I'm gonna say it. If this was an xbox game y'all would be saying a weak console coulnt do dynamic lighting. You know I'm right.
Ginesis  +   530d ago
I was thinking the same thing! Double standards is all it is.
mike32UK  +   530d ago
I 100% agree with you and the only console i own is ps4. Still, dynamic lighting or not i'm still getting the game
HomerJDog  +   530d ago
thank you. you beat me to it. these fanboys are special lol just for the record I own both and I'm not really digging infamous seems repetitive and no innovation. I prefer watchdogs
blackstrr411  +   530d ago
I didn't like the good bad concept. I think only Kojima can make a game that will we see true good and bad choices. The concept is flawed since fable. Like choosing between protecting or abandoning cops is a game changer. I hope gamers enjoy infamous. I didn't like the first one because I found it boring and the monkey climbing thingy was hilarious.
mediate-this  +   530d ago
Sucker punch should try a different open world game, gta type. I think they would do great. Ifss looks to be great, cant wait to buy it
CrossingEden  +   530d ago
Kinda disappointing that there aren't dynamic shadows, it seems that hardware sacrifices always have to be made on both consoles, still pre-ordered the game though. Limited edition cole missions are all mine. >:D
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Uredeluded1  +   529d ago
Why is it only 30fps on powerful machine
aondaatje  +   529d ago
Because they have had to gimp the game to get it to 1080p
Uredeluded1   529d ago | Spam
aondaatje  +   529d ago
30fps and no dynamic shadowing? Def next gen for sure. Lol
Stedron  +   529d ago
Don't worry dude you wont be playing it.
killzone619  +   527d ago
why would he want to? he's already disappointed...
Megaton  +   529d ago
That most recent bit of footage didn't do this game any favors. It reminded me a lot of God of War's situation. Nothing changes. It's still running on its basic combat mechanics all these years later. I wanna feel like I have super powers. Not a guy going "pew pew pew" with fireballs and lightning pellets shooting out of his palm.

Still getting it because the quad has no other games worth playing until June, and of course that could always be delayed again.
cjflora  +   529d ago
"I wanna feel like I have super powers. Not a guy going "pew pew pew" with fireballs and lightning pellets shooting out of his palm."

I know, right? I do that shit everyday in real life. Where are the superpowers already?!?!
windblowsagain  +   529d ago
I hate the fact in BF4, you cannot shoot out all the lights, some move aka doom3:), some flash. And the real dynamic ones go out properly. In China rising maps, most foliage out of the way is worse then GT5. But it's still a stunning looking game.

For this openworld game, the lighting is awesome. Dynamic lighting takes alot of juice.
jasondracd  +   529d ago
looks kool..good job Sucker Punch.
Raziology  +   529d ago
For once, I really don't care if the game were in 60 FPS. The game looks fantastic, and the fight mechanics are reminiscent of those from the previous episodes. Sucker Punch are doing a marvelous job to demonstrate how good the PS4 hardware is.
XboxFun  +   529d ago
I bet this game will have the same type of gameplay the other two had. All flash with no substance. This game is almost out and hardly anything of signifigance is shown. Plus the hype for this game has been completely overshadoowed by Titanfall.

Just my opinion from a conserned gamer.
Raziology  +   529d ago

Just an opinion from someone who's concerned about English.
ColonelRex  +   529d ago
This game seems like its gonna be incredibly fun to play.

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