GameSpot: Metal Gear Solid 4 Updated Impressions

With Metal Gear Solid 4's launch just a month away, Konami held a press conference in Japan to celebrate the game's completion. Half of the conference was about speeches and launch promotions, but with the event taking place in a cineplex, GameSpot also got to see a lot of game action on the big screen.

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skynidas3382d ago

This game is going to be epic!

Lifendz3382d ago

I think still no PS3 game is AAA on their site. Could MGS4 be the first? I dunno. I think it could be perfect but they'd focus on the mistakes so much they'd try to justify a score of 8.5.

Doesn't matter to me. I ride with IGN's reviews for the most part. No way MGS4 doesn't get a 9.0 at least. I think GameInformer is already set to give the game a 10.

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deeznuts3382d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And they kept a .1 from R:FOM just because ;)

Tmac3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

There are spoilers in this impression.

However my idea of GameSpot won't change, from this impression the reviewer absolutely loves the game, alas I won't find solace in this when they inevitably rate the game a meager 7.5/10, I'm basing my opinion on past GameSpot endeavors.

Lifendz3382d ago

the last review of theirs I ever read was R&C FTOD and I couldn't help at laugh at how bad they slammed what was/is a great game. Uncharted as well. And how Resistance didn't get AAA by launch game standards when PDZ did is insane.

juuken3382d ago

This game...I don't even know what to say.
The damn theme song is in my head now.
That is all.

Angelitos3382d ago

They better give this game a great review. Or Gamespot is officaly biased.

Time Lord3382d ago

MGS3 got 8.6 and that game was outstanding.

niall773382d ago

sice they didnt get invited to the "MGS4 boot camp" and havent had any MGO beta coverage I tought there where finally blacklisted from reviewing big ps3 games lol

mack44443381d ago

their reviews seem very biased and they are a very untrustworthy site