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GameSpot: Metal Gear Solid 4 Updated Impressions

With Metal Gear Solid 4's launch just a month away, Konami held a press conference in Japan to celebrate the game's completion. Half of the conference was about speeches and launch promotions, but with the event taking place in a cineplex, GameSpot also got to see a lot of game action on the big screen. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

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skynidas  +   2755d ago
This game is going to be epic!
Time Lord  +   2755d ago
Come on konami, you know u want 10 from GS
Splash the cash.
Lifendz  +   2755d ago
Gamespot slams PS3 games
I think still no PS3 game is AAA on their site. Could MGS4 be the first? I dunno. I think it could be perfect but they'd focus on the mistakes so much they'd try to justify a score of 8.5.

Doesn't matter to me. I ride with IGN's reviews for the most part. No way MGS4 doesn't get a 9.0 at least. I think GameInformer is already set to give the game a 10.

PSN: Lifendz
deeznuts  +   2755d ago
Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And they kept a .1 from R:FOM just because ;)
Tmac  +   2755d ago
There are spoilers in this impression.

However my idea of GameSpot won't change, from this impression the reviewer absolutely loves the game, alas I won't find solace in this when they inevitably rate the game a meager 7.5/10, I'm basing my opinion on past GameSpot endeavors.
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Lifendz  +   2755d ago
the last review of theirs I ever read was R&C FTOD and I couldn't help at laugh at how bad they slammed what was/is a great game. Uncharted as well. And how Resistance didn't get AAA by launch game standards when PDZ did is insane.
juuken  +   2755d ago
This game...I don't even know what to say.
The damn theme song is in my head now.
That is all.
Angelitos  +   2755d ago
They better give this game a great review. Or Gamespot is officaly biased.
Time Lord  +   2755d ago
it will get 9.0
MGS3 got 8.6 and that game was outstanding.
Lifendz  +   2755d ago
They're already biased
niall77  +   2755d ago
good to see gamespot give MGS4 some coverage
sice they didnt get invited to the "MGS4 boot camp" and havent had any MGO beta coverage I tought there where finally blacklisted from reviewing big ps3 games lol
mack4444  +   2755d ago
they should be
their reviews seem very biased and they are a very untrustworthy site
shahinmaki-san  +   2755d ago
shooter game good no like it. you play in aramo in another space another time a space ship lost cotrole. she crushed into a planet. only one crew saved

Project Slypeed

mgs first very good then they made liek shooting game. first body shooter

this game for american not japan . not ver manchilds japan mens like n.

famitsu has 8 most wanting this
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JVIDICAN  +   2755d ago
...what? 0_o
Nitrowolf2  +   2755d ago
can only understand a little of that
they made it into 1st person shooter?
Its marked as a 3rd person game 1st person is just optional.
mybe he is talking about the old MG
but that was 2d man what did you except it to be in 3D.
and this game is for american?
im sure everwhere this game is wanted. It was made japenes first wasnt? well im not sure
but this game is defenitly wanted everywhere
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poopsack  +   2755d ago
you very dumb like you I do many spaces
MGS first good then is better
Trolling you are off to the zone of open.
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steck67  +   2755d ago
Ummm... yea... Did you ever go to school?
Keowrath  +   2755d ago
I could be wrong but judging from shahinmaki-sans posts he (or she) is probably Japanese (I could be wrong) but let's be a little more tolerant before we judge huh?
JVIDICAN  +   2755d ago
give him a link to a translator site then ;)
wass007  +   2755d ago
PS3 FTW!!!!
If there was a award for trailer of the year 2008 it wud go to mgs4
PimpHandHappy  +   2755d ago
has had a lot of great trailers. I still have em all on my harddrive

i still havent seen this new one
Keowrath  +   2755d ago
I'm already buying this game, (based on previous experience with the series and gameplay from MGO beta) I really couldn't care less what a review site gives it in all honesty.
denied  +   2755d ago
MGS is a AAA
you guys are mad cuz is not coming to 360,thats all.I bet if it did u all would be like this game is awsome,and how can people say SONY does not have any AAA game?you gonna tell RFOM is not?Rachet and Clank?Uncharted?Grand Turismo?Oblivion?Call of Duty?OK so what did I miss about not having any AAA games.please you guys know and don't be a fanboy that this game is better on a PS3 than it would have been on a 360.Like GTA4 half of game cut-of because 360 does not have enough memory to hold the whole game,that why GTA5 is gonna be SONY EXCLUSIVE..don't get me wrong yeah 360 has some good games but, but don't say PS has none cuz you are wrong?
denied  +   2755d ago
the reason why
MGS has always had so many trailers is so you don't get bored of shoting senseless and don't really have much of a game.for example Halo all you do is shot and hide how fun is that?well the only reason why 360 game don't much traillers is cuz they don't have enough memory to do the trailers make then game much fun because it show you something different from the story
pp  +   2755d ago
One of the worsest trailer i have seen so far
OmarJA  +   2755d ago
Jump out xbroken3fixme
You're one of the worsest pathetic retard i have ever seen so far
waltercross  +   2755d ago
I thought the trailer was awesome.
I never got into the MGS series but
MGS4 Looks very sweet!, I'm gonna
give that a test drive!.
Iron Man 2  +   2755d ago
MGS4 looks so f*cking awesome!

Only one more month to go before MGS4 is released wordwide and I pick up my copy!

GOTY 2008? I think so.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2755d ago
WoW! That was one good trailer. It really seems like a interactive movie now or something. Cannot wait for this game, I'm sold. Heck they even got the movie trailer voice guy.
Skater  +   2755d ago
Can't wait
xunderx  +   2755d ago
screw the G-spot,,,,,,
this game is true next gen,,,,,,lets put AAA in the past,,,,

this is AAAA......start something new, for kicks 8)
that preview looks sick!
wangdiddy82  +   2755d ago
this will be the 1st game this generation that truly deserves a perfect 10 score...
Mark my words on that.. Cant wait.. ANd i still have to beat gta4 and i cant stop playing cod4 online.. Damn it.. No time for work and GF'S.. Just video games, beer, and food.. lol
justgamez  +   2755d ago
Quick question
This game really has my interst peaked but I never played a MGS game before and I am wondering if that will affect my enjoyment of the game in any way if I jump in with MGS4. Is the story usually just focused on the game at hand or does it flashback to past versions/ stories?
dogseye_deadhorse  +   2755d ago
ive never played one and cant be bothered to right now either. so i just youtubed mgs story and watched all the cut scenes from all 3.

bloody awesome, its like watching a real good movie. im sure it will make the mgs4 experience loads better than if i didnt no what was goin on.

i would either play em or watchem before u play this one. it would be worth it!
Surfman  +   2755d ago
gamespot is not a good website anyway. whatever what score they gives to
wangdiddy82  +   2754d ago
dude if you never played a metal gear game you have been missing out on one of the best games ever made
I beat the 1st metal gear game on the NES and i was amazed.. lol.. You should go pick up the collection from best buy.. Its only like 50 bucks or something.. the collection has all of them that were made on the playstation..

You will be amazed at how awesome the game is. You owe it to yourself to go play them..

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