Fanatical Five | 2014 Gaming Peripherals To Game Right With This Year

In this Fanatical Five, Charles runs down five essential upgrades for serious gamers.

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EL Lanf1498d ago

Not really sure what the purpose of the list is. I haven't checked out all the things but the 360 controller is hardly recent, is it really worth mentioning? Just about everyone considering a controller for PC will be aware of the 360 controller. It also brings another thing up; there are two controllers on the list; why have 2 controllers rather than any other peripheral? Obviously for the sake of simply having five things on it.

Really it'd be better to have more specialised lists specific to each category of peripheral because there never will be one peripheral that trumps all others.

Are_The_MaDNess1498d ago

bad list IMO, nothing to really write about.
nothing really new on the list, and recommending membrane keyboards and standard 360 controllers is just a bad sign it self.

Are_The_MaDNess1498d ago

why would any gamer EVER get a membrane keyboard in this day and age? Cherry Red Switches FTW! :D

the Razer mouse is fine i guess.... if you like to change your playstyle all the time, rather just have 17 buttons on mine in the shape of the Razer Naga Epic...

Gaming Headsets suck in audio quality and build quality, rather take a cheap Sennheiser headset with better quality really.

and one the 360 pad...... would be better off with a razer controller with mechanical buttons and macros.
membrane buttons are just bad.... if you ever get to try a Razor Onza or something like it, you will see my point of view.

not really much this year for the high-end market IMO other than the Rift.... (witch we are still not sure if coming out this year)