Housemarque Interview - 'Resogun' DLC, 'Dead Nation' Vita, PS4 Future & More

Analog Addiction writes: "Formed in 1995 the Finnish studio has continued to rise in popularity with memorable original titles such as Super Stardust HD, the twin-stick cooperative zombie adventure Dead Nation, the 2D platformer Outland, and the recent PlayStation 4 arcade shooter Resogun

Recently Analog Addiction had the pleasure to speak to Tommaso De Benetti, Housemarque Community Manager. In this interview we delve into a range of topics which include Housemarque's feelings on Resogun's success, the chances of Resogun coming to PlayStation Vita, more information on their next PlayStation 4 title and what the future holds for this successful company."

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PaleMoonDeath1762d ago

Dead Nation 2 on PS4, pretty please.

sinncross1762d ago

I would love a PSV port too so I can play it when on the move (and no remote play connection is possible). I think DN's play style would suit a handheld but obviously on PS4 it would be hella great.

Jamiex661762d ago

It is coming to Vita, but not being developed by Housemarque; being ported by someone else.

AntoineDcoolette1761d ago

That's what I want, or another stylized platformer like Outland. I loved outland for its art style and gameplay.

Eonjay1762d ago

Resogun DLC:

"We can’t comment right now, but there will be news very soon – I think it’s a matter of days now."


Cajun Chicken1762d ago

The DLC should be free too as the game is more or less given to every PS+ subscriber. To pay for DLC for the original game you don't actually physically own would be an odd move as PS+ is basically renting a license to keep the game, not own.

Thereby forcing the wanters of the DLC with PS+ to buy the original game AND the DLC.

So I can see a bit of an issue arising over the distribution of this future DLC.

Jamiex661762d ago

I'm fine with them charging for DLC, I got their game for free so I'm fine with handing them more money for DLC.

DLC is merely optional content, so you don't need to have it to enjoy the free base game if you're Plus.

captainexplosion1762d ago

I really want Resogun on the Vita

Cajun Chicken1762d ago

Yeah, it's awesome in Remote Play, isn't it?

Kivespussi1762d ago

Dead nation is one of the best couch co-op games out there. I always have tons of fun with my friends. If there will be dead nation 2 I really want it to have same gameplay but with 4 people. It could be chaos to have that many people there especially if the camera is as close as on the first game but it'd make the game a bit more fun. But 4 players. Please!

TheLastGuardian1762d ago

Outland is my favorite Housemarque game. I really hope they make a sequel.

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