ND's Neil Druckmann On Polygon Breaking TLOU Embargo: "I Give Polygon's Handling Of Embargoes A 7.5"

ND's Neil Druckmann On Polygon Breaking TLOU's Embargo: "I give Polygon's handling of embargoes a 7.5"

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Angels37851433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Polygon got quite the backlash on their review.....

Now they want to spill news on dlc to a game they pretty much called the opposite of what it is praised for?

Septic1432d ago

Ahahaha sweet sweet justice.

Love ND's style.

Mr_cheese1432d ago

Polygon are fools, they constantly cause themselves grief with their biasedness. I no longer visit the site or click links through n4g to prevent any ad rev support on my behalf.

minimur121432d ago


I absolutely loved the dual story kindof thing, but I thought it ended too early, I wanted to see how it would play out if it was longer, if you know what I mean. (I wanted to see them turn, that would've had me bawling but it wouldve been awesome)

SilentNegotiator1432d ago

Polygon is a site that was initially funded by Microsoft and started with a bunch of the worst people from Kotaku and Joystiq.

What are we supposed to expect from Polygon?

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shivvy241432d ago

Haha BURN !! This is why you dont f*** with the gods

Ultr1432d ago

Woopwoopwoop dmc - noisia, I like that

Conzul1432d ago

I remember seeing that tweet hours ago and thinking just that!

As Cole would say, KARMA'S A BITCH

yeahokchief1432d ago

@mr cheese

good man. that's how it's done. although it doesn't make much difference with them having their hands in microsoft's pockets anyways

Mr_cheese1432d ago

The change has to start somewhere doesn't it? One person can quickly become a crowd that will be noticed.

Back-to-Back1432d ago

The only gif that accurately describes this is

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WilliamH1433d ago

Oh no he didn't!! (Snaps fingers blackstyle)

Snookies121433d ago

The sass is strong with this one.

OT: It's Polygon... I honestly couldn't care any less about things Polygon posts lol.

yeahokchief1432d ago

lol. thats the first thought that went through my mind as well. what a glorious rainbow. do me on it.

Black-Helghast1432d ago

The lsd is trong with this one.

Redlogic1431d ago

Nice Anchorman reference! Bravo,bravo

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