Revisit Rapture With This Amazing Elizabeth Cosplay

AllThatsEpic: “Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” Nine simple words that at the surface mean nothing, but when applied to a BioShock Fan – or perhaps just BioShock Infinite in particular, a flurry of images might come rushing to ones head. Amongst the recollection of Irrational Games’ latest title would be a girl by the name of Elizabeth Comstock who was indirectly introduced to gamers through the phrase the Lutece twins coined. Though gamers were not fully aware of who the girl was, or the influence she would have on the title’s main protagonist Booker DeWitt. It wasn’t until Booker found himself in Columbia – the city in the sky, that the pieces of the puzzle slowly began to merge together, one of the biggest pieces being Elizabeth Comstock.

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