Sony is Already Hiring to Bring PlayStation Now to Smartphones and Tablets

When Sony announced PlayStation Now at CES, and mentioned that in the future we’d get the services on devices like smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes, most thought it was an option far in the future. Turns out it isn’t, at least in development terms, as Sony is already hiring to make it a reality, as shown by a career opportunity ad posted today by the publisher:

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rambi801585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

yeah, but i would think PC would be a more important platform for these type of games.

I still find it strange that they have no announcement for it. It could be a whole new delivery system devoid of piracy. Publisher support could be huge

OsirisBlack1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

hmm very interesting.... I cannot wait to see this in application.

S2Killinit1585d ago

I think Sony can make this big. I have high hopes for this. Netflix comes to mind, although i know games won't have the broad appeal of movies, it still can bring a nice cash flow into the company.

izumo_lee1585d ago

This is where Pachter is wrong about Playstation Now, the limitless potential it could have in the android market if done well. Sony's library of games is huge dating all the way back to their PSone days and the ability to open that library up to a new generation is huge.

Imagine games like Jumping Flash, Jet Moto, Wipeout and all those classics running on your phone. With the potential for PS4 games in the cards as well.

Pachter is skeptical of 3rd parties jumping on board but since Sony's library is so big when they see that if Sony's games are doing well they will join in.

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The story is too old to be commented.