Possible locations for future Assassin’s Creed titles

Adnan Riaz decides that it is time to pick his three locations that he would love to see as the setting of future Assassin's Creed instalments.

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SaturdayNightBeaver1619d ago

LOL, as well as THESE articles about it.. aren't there like 24 of those?

Eamon1619d ago

Personally I don't want to go forward at all in terms of settings.

AC needs to look back at its origin and try for an older setting. I want guns removed and focus much more on various styles of assassinations. Not simply stalk/locate then kill.

Also, away from the West. We haven't had an Eastern setting since the first game (and Revelations if you count it as Middle East). I want Egypt, China or Japan.

Elit3Nick1619d ago

I think Egypt or a similar setting with be a nice change, they also need to add a system like Skyrim's Radiant that can create unlimited assassination missions with random factors, one of the gripes I have right now is that you can run out of things to do besides just kill guards in a city

S2Killinit1619d ago

I think an Asian setting (japan/china), or Middle east, Persia, Egypt.

Cubanborn871619d ago

Agree , all of those are fine choices

giovonni1619d ago

I would like to see it based around feudal Japan and I would like to see the story told from the eyes of a Templar who is a general in the English Army sent to colonize Japan, but one thing leads to another, and he converts to a Shinobi Assassin with weapons specialized with a ninja, Like wall running, under water assassination's swimming breathing out of a straw.
The Agility of the assassin is better, wall to wall jumps, quick wall runs to go around an enemy when needing to flee. Stealth mechanics are much, much better, like sticking to the shadows and blending with the environment, not just the people around you. A deeper Combat system that uses Martial Arts and sword play.

Justindark1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Iraq and russia

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