The Last of Us 1.06 patch hits before Left Behind

Tomorrow sees the first and last major storyline DLC for The Last of Us. In preparation, Naughty Dog are unleashing a major patch which will be required to play the new content.

The Last of Us 1.06 adds some major multiplayer changes, such as balance changes and crash fixes, as well as Network update rate improvements.

Here we go, then. Big things come to those who wait…

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GribbleGrunger1617d ago

Just 3 hours a 90 minutes to play Ellie one last time *Wipes away a tear*

1lawrence1617d ago

Last time on ps4 at least

Sketchy_Galore1617d ago

It's being released at midnight?? Are we sure about this??? If so I will begin preparing alcohol and snacks now. (I'm in the UK and bought the Season pass if that has any effect on the time I can download it).

GribbleGrunger1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I'm not so sure now :(

When I downloaded it originally it said it would activate at midnight but from what a lot of Gaffers are saying it won't. I'm staying up anyway just in case.

edit: DAMN IT:

That's 6AM GMT.

greatcrusader441617d ago

Oh hell yeah that's midnight for me and I won't get off work til 11. Can wait a bit, start the download, then play it in the morning.

FriedGoat1617d ago

How are people already downloading it???
I have the season pass, yet there is no option to download it anywhere...

Sketchy_Galore1617d ago

Damn, not the answer I wanted but thanks for the info.

Shuyin1617d ago

Yes!!! MP changes. Still playing this on a daily basis!

classic191617d ago

a you trying to party up? this is like all i play at the moment. if you is msg antdod my psn name.

Salooh1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Same here , If anyone want to add me Death_156 but in one condition , i will try to stick with you but you must let me play my way :).

Shuyin1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

If I've got room on my list, you shall be added. But keep in mind that I'm from Germany therefore it won't be easy to find proper times to party up.
Should be only the whole night though, lol.

neocores1617d ago

I have the season pass but how can i download left behind so i can have it ready for midnight i go to the store says i cant buy it cuz i have the season pass anyone hlp plz?